Top Police Watches You Should Look For

Not enough people appreciate Police watches as they should. Granted, Police is not a watch brand, it’s a fashion brand, but their watches are quite unique. Unlike other watchmakers that keep their designs within certain limits, Police watches are quite aggressive. Each watch has a unique and distinctive look, which helps its wearer catch the eyes of passersby. If you’re looking for a watch that’s going to put you in the spotlight without having to mortgage your home, we’ve made a list of Police watches that you should look for.


The Steampunk model is a very appealing quartz-powered watch. It’s a two time watch with a  case that is made from ion-plated steel, which makes it very resistant to shocks. The case comes in several available colors but black and silver are the most notable. The dial is in the same color as the case. The black dial has brown accents while the silver dial has dark blue accents. The Steampunk comes with a leather strap that is the same color as the dial. The date feature is very easy to set up and use. The hard case offers up to 50 meters of water resistance, meaning you don’t have to take it off when you go swimming.


The Rattlesnake is a modern model that comes either with a metal or a leather strap. The two models offer the same functionalities: date and the possibility two set three different times. This is perfect if you travel often and want to always know the time from home and from your destination. The dial is mostly white with black accents. The combination makes it very easy to distinguish the time on all 3 zones. Similar to the Steampunk, the Rattlesnake also offers a 50 meters water resistance. You don’t have to worry about the ion-plated case or metal strap catching any rust.

Justice League

If you’re a fan of Batman, Superman or any of the other awesome members of the Justice League, then this watch is for you. This is a limited-edition watch inspired by the superhero universe. Only 8,888 of these Justice League watches will ever be made and purchasing one grants you a numbered metal plate that doubles as a certification that you own one of the 8,888 timepieces. The case is stainless steel and the glass cover is made of smoke-grey mineral glass. Even the bracelet is unique. It is a black silicone bracelet that features antique stainless steel inserts. This is the coolest watch for Justice League fans.


The Cyclone has a very unique design and a lot of functionalities. The quartz mechanism powers the time, date, and the chronograph. The ion-plated steel case protects the insides from most shocks and also provides a 50 meter water resistance. The dial is mostly black with red and white accents. You’ll have an easy time telling the time and date due to the contrast. The pusher buttons on the case make it easy to use the chronograph. The top one even has a red accent on it.


The grey stainless steel case and the black leather strap make the Explorer an excellent pick for businessmen. It boasts a unique look that’s the perfect balance between sporty and business. The dial is a slightly darker shade of grey with black, white, and red accents. The small date window is white and the date digits are black. Similar to the other models on the list, the Explorer also has a 50 meter water resistance.  There are also many other watch and bands which you can take in view like IWC big pilot.

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