Is gambling online really safer than at the casino?

Since the rise of online casinos in the 1990s, the development and popularity of the online gambling industry has skyrocketed at an extraordinary rate. Currently, there are thousands of online casinos generating approximate annual revenue of over seven billion dollars. This translates to an estimated nineteen million in revenue every single day. As the internet populace continues to grow, and with online gambling developing into various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, it is correct to assume that there are no direct signs of slowing down online gambling in the recent future.
However, with so many online incidences of identity fraud and theft, more people are concerned with the safety of gambling online. As the online gaming continues to develop the owners of these vast gaming sites, have put strict measures to ensure online gambling is much safer and secure compared to the traditional land-based casinos.

One of the primary reason why gambling online is safer than gambling in a casino is the physical security at casinos compared to the computer-generated safety in online gaming. While the presence of a muscular security guard in a casino is always a relaxing and calming sight, players must remember that these people are only human and cannot see every detail. Whereas virtual security applies to every online gambler 24 hours a day. Online gaming casinos work hard to invest considerable amounts of money in systems that work more efficiently and safe against hackers. All financial transactions are encrypted, and client records are secured from theft via high-standard software.

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Believe it or not, but gaming sites online are safer than gambling among thieves, pickpockets and crowds of money-hungry people. In the case where players win large amounts of money, they are afraid they will be attacked once they leave the casino, though security services are provided for escort it is not safe. Nevertheless, when a player wins large amounts of money in an online gaming site, at a site like he or she is not exposed, and no one gets to know about it unless the winner chooses to revel with family and friends. Also, to persons who attend casinos with cash, credit cards or cheque books it is quite unsafe to walk around with such valuables.

Another reason why gambling online is safer than in casinos is that most of the online casinos are properly licensed. Trustworthy gambling sites will make their licensing information easily visible to players and guarantee that your funds are always protected. You should know that certifications are issued either by the national governments of the countries where the online gaming sites operates from or through recognized gaming authorities. To protect yourself even better, make sure to check to see if the gaming site is an eCOGRA member. The eCOGRA organization is responsible for overseeing the online gaming industry’s standards and protection. It upholds the values of fair play, security and honesty of all gaming sites. If your online casino has this seal, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Therefore, get ready for a secure, fun, and worry-free gaming experience and take advantage of all the great offers out there.


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