6 Tips for Producing Your First Promotional Video

Producing an advertisement or promotional video for your business is a big step, and one that can have significant rewards. From strengthening your brand to bringing in new customers, the right video can attract attention and position your business as a major player in its industry.

However, the process of producing a video can be fraught with issues, particularly for people and businesses producing video for the first time. From bad sound to color issues, production setbacks and cost overruns, it’s not uncommon for a first video to be a learning experience.

Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to reduce the risks and make your first video more likely to be a success. We’ve listed six of them below, starting with hiring the right video production company before covering more advanced tips for a smooth, successful shoot.


Choose a production company that understands your vision

Whether you’re hiring a company for video production in Manchester, London or any other city, it’s vitally important that they understand your vision for the project.

Many video production companies specialise in a specific type of video. Find one that’s a good match not only for your technical needs, but also for the specific type of message you’re trying to convey with your promotional video.


Prepare a brief, storyboard and script before you start production

Like any other creative project, promotional videos production goes best when you can keep your project clearly and firmly “on rails.”

The key to this is an effective brief, script and storyboard. Each component gives you a clear roadmap for every aspect of the production process, from working out the creative vision and choosing locations to what to perform, where to shoot and how to film it.


Be picky — your choice of production company really matters

It’s ultimately the people you hire that will define how your promotional video looks and feels, meaning you shouldn’t choose a company just because they’re the first you talk to.

Being picky is an important characteristic of producing high quality video. Ask each company you talk to for a demo showreel and check that they’re the right option for you before you sign any contracts.


Plan your filming schedule and always seek permission

Preparation is important not just for your script and storyboard, but also for your video filming schedule.

Before you even think about filming anything, make sure you have your locations planned out ahead of time. If you’re shooting in a public area, don’t forget to seek permission from the local authorities (in Manchester, for example, you’ll need to speak to Screen Manchester).


Don’t be afraid to ask for technical and creative advice

The video production company you hire is ultimately working for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out their advice.

If you’re new to producing video, seeking new ideas from your production company can play a big role in helping you discover new opportunities and ideas. Remember that they’ve produced a wide range of videos before and have a wealth of knowledge to draw from.


Spell out your budget as specifically and clearly as possible

Finally, it’s essential that you have a specific, clear budget prepared for your production. This not only limits your spending — it also gives your production company an understanding of what they have to work with.

Without a budget, it’s easy for even the smallest of promotional videos to end up costing quite a lot more than expected. Budget clearly to ensure your costs are consistent and predictable, with no cost overruns or unexpected expenses.

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