9 Classic Games That Could Massively Improve Your PC Gaming Performance

When it comes to gaming, it can often feel frustrating when you just can’t get past that next level or are perpetually stuck on the same boss fight. What you might not know is that some classic games can really help you improve your abilities on the PC.

Whether you need to improve your dexterity, boost your critical thinking skills or a game that will just help you stop overthinking your moves, classic games are excellent options to help you improve and grow as a gamer. You can play some of these games in groups to boost your ability to work as a team or solo to help you build on your self-reliance.


Solitaire is a brain teaser of a puzzle game, great for anyone who needs better critical thinking skills and to learn how to plot your actions and keep several steps ahead of the competition. It is a card game that can be played with a traditional deck of cards or online using an AI simulator. The game requires you to get each suit into order from ace to king while moving the cards in pre-set sequences. It can be a real mental workout and help you deal with aggravating losses, as some games of solitaire simply cannot be won.


Sudoku is an excellent option for anyone who needs to brush up on their mathematical skills. It can also help you with a healthy dose of critical reasoning and memory training. Sudoku is traditionally played in a box sectioned into nine squares, which are, in turn, sectioned into nine squares each. The aim is to have each box, row, and column include numbers 1 to 9 without repeating. It can be a real brain teaser, but also incredibly rewarding and an excellent way to improve your critical thinking while gaming.


Granted, there aren’t that many PC games that include trivia or vocabulary elements, but there is still much to be gained from crossword puzzles. They are another puzzle that helps you to improve your memory and can help you gain the dedication required to stick to a task until its completion, even if the task is a challenging one. You can find crosswords in various physical newspapers or on various websites, paid and free.

Noughts And Crosses

Noughts and crosses is one of the simplest games that many people learn to play when they’re children. It is a simple game with two players and a grid of nine squares. One player plays noughts, and the others crosses, and each tries to get a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line of their markers before the other. It can be a great way to learn to play against others and think quickly to anticipate other players’ next moves. It can also be played many times in a short period, allowing you to assess how previous games ended and improve your strategy accordingly.


Blackjack is a great way to learn to test your risk tolerance and helps you learn to make smart choices even at the height of the thrill of the game. Essentially, when playing blackjack, you’re trying to beat the dealer by drawing a hand of cards that equals as close to 21 without exceeding it. It is always best to learn the rules of the game and some strategies, but once you do, you can gamble with real money and truly test your skills with real stakes. Always use a reputable online casino, like the options from Online Casino Reviews.


Monopoly is one of the games most people think of when they think of the classics. It is a game played by groups of more than two players, with the aim to be the last player financially solvent after the rest are bankrupt. You do this by buying up properties along the game board and charging rent to any players that land on your sections. It can be an excellent way to learn to manoeuvre against multiple players simultaneously while reducing your risks for the future.


Scrabble is a great game that can help you improve your memory, critical thinking and numeracy skills. Typically played in groups of two or more, Scrabble requires you to make words out of the pieces you are given, with extra points awarded for word length, use of the trickier letters like X and Q, and the placement of the words on the board. It is a game that can boost focus, critical thinking and keep your mind working fast, all crucial when PC gaming.


Jenga is a great game to play if improving dexterity is your goal. Dexterity is often critical for gamers, as you need to complete complex or intricate tasks on your PC. Jenga is a fun game that allows you to practice your fine motor skills while dealing with the pressure of playing a game in real-time. You’ll also need to be in complete control of your entire body, from your breathing to your posture and stance. It can help improve your ability to keep calm and measured even under intense pressure.


Darts is a fun and common bar game, and one that has seen enduring popularity thanks to the simplicity of the rules combined with the skill needed to actually do well in the game. The rules are that players must hit sections of the board numbered from 1 to 20 in that order, with the first to 20 being the winner. This is another game that can massively improve your dexterity and special awareness skills, which is critical for anyone who is a keen PC gamer. It has even been compared to how best to invest in shares, meaning you can get a huge range of benefits from the deceptively simple games of darts.


No matter which classic games you choose to help you improve your skills on the PC, there are myriad benefits. It may help to select a wide range of games so that you can get the best level of skill improvement possible. Consider trying out a few that you play with others and a few that you can play solo to really boost your overall gaming skill. Not only can the above games boost your PC gaming abilities, but they are also great fun – they’re the classics for a reason!

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