Understanding Convex Mirrors

The main purpose of a convex mirror is to ensure public safety. You will often see convex mirrors such as those supplied by RS, on the corner of bad roads, in alleyways, shops and important buildings. Convex mirrors help the user see past their usual line of sight. The purpose of this is to give people added protection as they can see what’s coming before they would normally be able to. So, if you want to install a convex mirror on your land or perhaps need one for your shop, read on to find out more.

How does a convex mirror work? 

Convex mirrors are round, curved and shaped differently compared to ‘normal’ mirrors. They have a bulge in the centre of the mirror that subsequently affects the way the light hits it. The outward bulge expands the normally visible field we see in a typical mirror. As a result of this, objects look smaller and further away than they are in real life. Despite this, it still allows us to see beyond our natural viewpoint as we can see around corners and see around a bend in the road.

Where can a convex mirror be used? 


Convex mirrors are commonly used for security purposes. Often, they will get placed where cameras cannot access as it allows security to see even hard-to-reach areas. These areas will usually be at the back of the shops or the end of an aisle.


Getting cash out of an ATM can leave people feeling vulnerable to theft. Placing a convex mirror near an ATM allows someone to see who is behind them, giving them peace of mind. A convex mirror is also a great deterrent for thieves. If they know they can be seen they are less likely to attempt anything untoward.


If something is blocking the view on a roadside, it would be an expensive job to remove. However, a convex mirror is a cost-effective alternative that will solve the problem. You can show drivers both sides of the road, allowing them to pull out safely. Consequently, avoiding any dangerous accidents that may have occurred otherwise.

What are convex mirrors made from?

Convex mirrors get made from a range of materials that vary in cost. You can choose from glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. The material you choose is dependent on the purpose of your convex mirror. For instance, glass convex mirrors create a clear image. However, due to its fragility, it might not be ideal for outdoor use.

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