UXPressia releases a customer journey mapping research report

UXPressia, a collaborative CX platform, has released the results of its research on customer journey mappers in a new report titled “Customer journey mapping research report 2020”.  The research is based on 40 in-depth interviews and a global survey of 254 professionals.
“We were curious to find out what kind of maps journey mappers build depending on their background and how it affects their maps’ structure and content. We also wanted to learn how the maps are created and what happens to them when they are done,” says Anastasia Schebrova, CPO at UXPressia.
The report contains two scales journey mappers can be categorized into. It reveals assumptions, methods, and ideas that these people have about customer journey mapping based on their professional background, goals, and context.
The study goes deeper by defining five different behavioral profiles of journey mapping experts and reveals how these people work within their initiatives and in a team, how they do workshops, and presentations.
The research report also includes examples of journey maps that different types of journey mappers build.
Download the report for free: 

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