The history of the emergence and development of games

The history of casino development is more than a hundred years old. The original name of online casinos – slot machines – was used to refer not only to devices for gambling, but also trading ones. This is because the word slot is translated as a slot for a coin. The very first slot machine – “Liberty Bell”, approximated in appearance and principles of operation to the slots that we are used to seeing, appeared in 1887. It was created by car mechanic Charles Faye. The first machine was assembled entirely by hand; the manufacturer rented it out. Since the device was very popular, gradually the production of such devices became widespread, and over time, the casino completely switched to the vastness of the virtual world casinos not on gamstop UK.

The first slot machines in history

Although the first slots were released in the century before last, they have still considered the youngest gambling games. At that time, they were primitive mechanisms, and today they are equipped with the most complex and modern computer programs.

Any slot machine can be found not only in a real casino but also in an Internet institution, in which they are usually called emulators. This is especially convenient in the case when players for a long time give preference to one, especially favorite game, despite the new options that have come out.

The history of the appearance of the first slots is about one hundred and twenty years. The only parent of the first slot machines was the German immigrant Charles Fey, who originally lived in New Jersey, and then in California. Before becoming famous all over the world, twenty-year-old Charles was sentenced by doctors. At that time, he found out that he was sick with tuberculosis and he had no more than a year to live, but these predictions were not destined to come true. Charles Fey lived for many years and was able to become a real legend in the gambling business.

His first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was constructed in 1887 and consisted of just three reels and twenty different symbols, including stars, horseshoes, card suits, and bells that make up different combinations of games. The slot machine accepted five-cent coins. These gambling slot machines immediately became popular among a wide range of users and had an overwhelming success, which led to the mass production of these slot machines.

Charles Fey’s success lay in his ability. He was an excellent engineer and an excellent businessman. The German immigrant not only created a slot machine, organized its mass production, but also rented them out, receiving 50% of the profits they brought. A lot of the largest manufacturers of equipment for gambling establishments made lucrative offers to the merchant, which he always refused. Charles not only did not sell his slot machines but also did not enter into a single agreement that would guarantee the right to release slot machines.

In 1907, Charles Fey first collaborated with the Mills Liberty Company, which resulted in the release of the new Mills Liberty Bell slot. The next popular model was the Operator Bell, which sold over 30 thousand units. It is worth mentioning another important well-known fact from the history of the gambling business: in 1891, Sittman and Pitt developed their version of a slot machine based on poker combinations. Many gamblers consider this machine to be the very first one triumph casino.

Gambling establishments of the twenty-first century

Modern gambling clubs differ markedly from their predecessors. Land-based casinos are already considered outdated, today there is a more convenient, safe, and affordable way to enjoy the game on your favorite slots – online casinos. Modern clubs are:

  • the widest selection of licensed software for every taste;
    • round-the-clock technical support;
    • generous bonuses;
    • the ability to play anytime anywhere;
    • confidentiality and security;
    • a large percentage of returns.

Video Slots

According to experts, the era of modern slot machines began in 1980. It was during this period that video poker, equipped with a computer, was released. The random number generator that has appeared in slot machines has increased the players’ confidence in slots. Over time, there have been changes in the areas of customer service, payment of winnings, receiving money, and much more.

Online casino today

Since the opening of online casinos, it is slots that have become the first gambling games offered by establishments, the range of which has been increasing every year at a rapid pace. Today there are more than a thousand models. Manufacturers do not miss the opportunity to provide users with slot machines, the theme of which is devoted, for example, to any new events taking place or animated films released on screens. The players, on their part, can only follow the released new products, offers and not miss the opportunity to gamble and enthusiastically spend time playing a new game.


After completing the registration procedure, each player has access to the privileges of club members: the opportunity to participate in promotions, tournaments, receive interest on top-ups, hit jackpots, and many others. Don’t waste your time – register on the official website of the online casino, place your bets and earn real money right now!

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