If you are a student in London it definitely means packing your belongings at the end of the student year and dragging them back home.  This can be a big hassle. Who wants to be moving luggage back and forth and pay for transportation every year? A good alternate to taking luggage back home is renting a storage space. Now you may think that storage units cost a lot.

Well, not really! If you calculate how much space you need carefully, and rent a storage space accordingly, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for the facility and the rent expense is well worth the convenience.

There are also so many cost saving tips and tricks that can help you rent a storage space at a decent price. For example; there are some storage companies that provide door to door service. This means that you don’t have to worry about renting a van to n’ fro between the storage unit and the dorms. For example; STORED self storage alternate is a great way to keep your belongings safe on the summer break without spending a dime on transportation.  While Stored isn’t a self-storage company, it is a better alternate as you get extras with your storage package.

Moreover, being in London you have one advantage that many storage facilities offer: student storage discount. These can be as generous as a few months free of cost storage or deals like 30% off for the first 3 months. Student storage discounts get even more generous if you rent the facility for the long-term.

For instance, you have to go to another country for an exchange programme and you won’t be back before a year, the student storage discount and deals would be really generous in this scenario.

Now that we know that renting a storage facility such as Stored’s self storage alternate is a great and cost effective way to store your belongings, especially if you make the most of student storage discounts, let’s looks at all its benefits in detail.

  1. Flexible Terms

Most storage facilities that offer student storage, have flexible lease terms. This means that you can rent a storage facility for as long as you want it. Instead of signing a 6 month lease, it is a better idea to sign up for monthly rental package so that you don’t end up paying rent for extra months.

Most storage facilities such as Stored’s self storage alternate for students understands that students may experience a change of plans so they offer flexible student storage plans, saving you from paying extra.

  1. Budget Friendly Storage

Students don’t need huge storage units; student storage is great as it offers smaller sizes of storage units and even shelf space to students wanting to keep 2-10 boxes. Shelf space is much cheaper as compared to a full size storage unit and it perfectly meets the student needs as well.

Stored’s self storage alternate for students offers multiple plans for students that you can pick and choose from depending on your needs.

  1. Safety and Security

            One of the biggest advantages of student storage is that you don’t only put your stuff away but you are also ensured that your belongings are in safe hands. Most storage facilities, like Stored’s self storage alternate for students, offer layered security i.e. from gated facilities to CCTV camera and locked units, student storage facilities are a secure place to keep your stuff.

Moreover, storage facilities also have weather protected units, so that your weather sensitive goods such as furniture or leather wardrobe, don’t get damaged sitting on the shelf.

  1. Staying Organised

If you are a student living in a dorm, you probably know that you have been accumulating stuff over the months and definitely have more stuff now than what you came with. This means once you decide to take all this stuff to your parent’s place for the summer break, you might find yourself struggling with storage space to keep all of it.

Once you left for college, there is a possibility that your room was turned into an office space or a guest bed which means, you may end up cluttering the whole house if you take all your stuff back for summers.  The ideal case scenario is finding a storage facility near your college to keep all the stuff. Stored’s self storage alternate for students collaborates with multiple universities in London to offer convenient and cheap storage space for students. They also offer student storage discount and deals for various universities, so do not forget to check for discounts before signing up for a storage unit.

  1. Easy Transition

Starting a new student year should be an exciting event, however, most students find themselves caught in and worrying about transporting all their belongings back and forth from home. If you decided to rent a storage space near your college before going home for the summer, this will be such an easy transition for you and you will have more time to actually enjoy the new student year.

The time spent in transporting everything from back home can be utilised to understand the crazy class schedules and not miss out on the foundation course classes to make a good impression on the professors.

These are some of the many benefits of renting a student storage space. It is a very convenient and cost effective option to keep your belongings safe and sound over the summer break. Just consider the following few things carefully before renting a space;

  • Finding the right size
  • Looking for student storage discount
  • Finding a facility near your college
  • Finding a safe and secure facility
  • Signing up for the right time period

If you are careful about these things, you’ll not regret the decision of renting a student storage space. Don’t forget to check out the list of storage companies that may collaborate with your college. This way you wouldn’t have to move your stuff far from the campus. Stored’s self storage alternate for students is great for students living in London as it collaborates with multiple universities and yours might be amongst those.

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