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When dealing with PDF files, there are going to be times where you encrypt some of these files for whatever reason. For example, when you want to protect a confidential file. But what if you want to remove the password to make file sharing easier? Then we have the solution for you. Among PDFBear’s many features is the Unlock PDF tool. You can decrypt your PDF in less than a minute using this website. Say goodbye to the hassle of inputting passwords to your PDFs by following these steps.

Why use PDFBear for decrypting your files?
For the uninitiated, this website is the most trusted productivity and PDF tool by millions of people around the globe. It is a cloud-based software that you can use without paying anything. It means that it does not matter whatever device or browser you are using. You should be able to access this website without encountering any problems. You can also navigate the website easily since the user-interface is beginner-friendly. The software is up to date and can safeguard you from being infected by viruses and malware. The last thing that we want to happen when you Unlock PDF files is getting it infected.

What are the instances where you need to unlock a file?
Being able to add a password to your PDF files is one of the unique features when using this file format. But if you are wondering why people use the decrypting tool, then it is more of practical use. If you are accessing the same locked file over and over again, then it could get pretty annoying having to input the passwords several times. Unlocking the file is the best solution to save some time. Another reason why people would remove the password of the files is for convenience. Imagine if you need to share this file with a ton of people, then you would have to send each one of them a message for the password.

How to unlock your files?

All you need is two minutes of your time and a few clicks to unlock your files. In fact, PDFBear claims that the whole process will be quicker than making a cup of tea. Here is how to get started.

Step 1

Go to and look for the Unlock PDF tool. This should be under the PDF Security tab. Wait for the website to redirect you to the tool.

Step 2

Upload the file that you want to decrypt. If the file is in your Google Drive or Dropbox, no need to download them. Simply click the icon and the server will get the file for you. This should only take a few seconds.

Step 3

Once the file is in the server, type the password in the textbox, and click unlock PDF. The tool will start decrypting your file in a few seconds. PDFBear will also add a disclaimer before you can process your files. Make sure to read it thoroughly. If you don’t know the password, then this tool will not work. This is to ensure that the person decrypting the file is the owner.

Step 4

Download the file. You can also reupload the new file to your cloud storage. If you need to share it with other people, no need to open a new tab for your email. You can click the email icon near the download button and type the email address of the recipient and add a short message.

Are my files safe with your server?

As mentioned earlier, using a web-based tool such as PDFBear is much safer than downloading software on your device. This website can assure you that their number one priority is the privacy and integrity of your files. They make sure that your files are encrypted by 256-BIT SSL security. On top of that, PDFBear will automatically delete all the files you have uploaded after one hour of inactivity. Don’t worry! These are permanent and the server will not save a copy of your files, so you better download them right away after processing.

On the other hand, if you are a PDFBear PRO member, then you get to have storage space as one of your perks. The website will save your processed files by default and you would have to manually delete them if you want.

PDFBear is the most trusted website when it comes to your file security
If you are the best solution for decrypting your files without paying anything, then PDFBear is the obvious choice. This tool can get the job done without compromising the quality and integrity of your files. It is the most accessible and convenient way of removing PDF passwords. You can try this tool today and bookmark it for the next time you need it.

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