Different Outfits for Women on Different Occasions

An invitation knocks on the door, it’s from your batch mate from high school and she is getting married in two months. Your grandparents are having their golden anniversary, and your cousin Jo wants you to join her on an out-of-town birthday celebration with all her closest friends. And the Holidays aren’t an exception either.

With all these events lined up for you, I suggest you think about what to wear. In order to be well prepared, choose your outfits ahead of time. And maybe now is the right time for you to wear the Chanel Watch that you have been keeping for that special occasion. You wouldn’t have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed.

If you could keep reading you might pick up a thing or two about casual, or formal wears, and how to mix and match with pieces of jewelry to complete the look.


Kid’s Birthday Party

Loud and messy, that is how kid’s parties are, because of the little ones playing and running all around. But really, these kinds of parties are for the parents. It’s a subtle get-together for parents and young adults to talk and catch-up on each other’s endeavors in life.

Make it casual, a simple everyday outdoor look. Shirt paired with jeans or skater skirt. You can also do the Sunday dress with a denim jacket and ankle-high boots look.

Dinner Birthday Party

Birthday dinners are a chill and laid back kind of event. Adults gather for a sip of wine, as they exchange stories and laughter while finishing their food on the table.

A knee-length dress and sandals are enough. Accessorize with a small bag, so you can also carry your phone, lipstick, keys and, wallet. A cocktail dress is also appropriate for this occasion.


Unless you are the bride, maid of honor, or anyone from the starting entourage, you wouldn’t have to worry about your outfit because it is already picked out for you. All you have to do is show up at the wedding.

You want to start with a dress. Usually, the motif’s primary color will do when looking for the right dress. You will want an ideal dress for both the morning ceremony and night reception party.

Indoor Weddings

Wear silk and long flowing dresses with high heels. Or if you prefer knee-length dresses with cute sandals, then you can do that too. Accessorize with a necklace and a pair of dangling earrings.

Outdoor Weddings

You could be on a yacht at the port, a garden of wide-open spaces, or a beach resort for a wedding. It is best you get this settled to avoid walking on sand with high heels.

Try on a dress that is light and is easy to move around with. Pair your outfit with sandals, at least you can get rid of the dirt easily and walk comfortably. A laced floral sleeveless dress, or an off-shoulder ruffle dress. Minimize your accessories, keep them simple.


The classic Suit & Tie for the men and elegant ball gowns for the ladies. Formal events will require the black-tie dress code. These events take place in the evening. Not really enough time to pick a ball gown unless you have a fairy godmother who waves her wand around to dress you from head to toe. But before Cinderella knew she had a fairy godmother, she also prepared beforehand for the ball.

There are new trends now, especially for women, but for now, let us stick to the classic. Let us try to do this step by step until you find that classic back tie dress code for you.

The Length

A Cocktail dress is rarely worn than a floor-length dress or gown. Maybe because a gown has this dramatic sophistication touch to it.

The Color

The color black brings elegance to the gown. Therefore, many women wear black to formal events that require black tie dress codes. Black is flattering to the body and goes with any piece of jewelry.

The Fabric

Satin is the sleek and glossy fabric used for gowns. The shiny face of the fabric adds depth and drama to the dress when the person who wears it moves. Another fabric for a gown is the Velvet. This fabric possesses an elegant drape and richness to it. The texture is soft and smooth.

We covered it all from casual wear on birthdays, semi-formal for a wedding guest, and formal wear for black tie dress codes. But here are other suggestions on some events not covered above. Casual wear is more likely how you clothe every day and how you go around with your daily routines and activities. Semi-formal is a bit of an upgrade to your usual. You can also wear them during job interviews, meetings, and seminars. Formal wears are for rare and special moments. Ball gowns are seen on the red carpet premieres, debuts, award ceremonies, and galas.

It is best if you have every kind of wear in your closet. Because some events may not give you enough time to run to the mall to buy the outfit required by the event. It is also good to have some basics in your closet. This way you can experiment with your pieces. To see what goes well together, what colors clash or match well. When you can see what you like, that is your style.

The extra squeeze!

These are just ideas and suggestions. Take it as a basic platform where you can take off. What matters is that you feel good in what you wear. Experiment on your pieces. Enjoy discovering your style and what you really like with clothes.

When you have established your own style, no matter the event, occasion, party, and holiday, I know you’d look great. Wear your confidence and smile, they are your best accessories!

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