How to Write a Video Game Review – Step-by-Step Guide

Do you have up to 10 hours of free time? It’s how much time you need to spend to play the game and make your conclusion on the game pros and cons. Computer games are extremely popular now. So, if you want to help gamers make the right choices on what to play – write an insightful review. Students who need to create a customized review often use writer services, such as SmartWritingService, – as writing a review isn’t as easy as ABC and requires a professional approach. However, if you have enough time, you can try to do this on your own following this step-by-step guide.

Play the Game For Several Hours to Feel Its Atmosphere

One needs over 50 hours to complete the video game. Of course, you may spend as much as this but then you’ll write one review for several weeks. It’s enough to play the game for up to 10 hours to have a clear understanding of its main features. Try to focus on the game and make sure that nothing distracts your attention. You should feel the atmosphere of the game and understand what you like and dislike about it. Most video games have several levels to complete. You should try to move as far as you can to explore all the key features of the game.

Outline the Game Advantages

While playing pay attention to the quality of graphics, sound, game idea, and other criteria that will help you to evaluate the game. Remember that players who will read the review will take a decision whether to spend time on this game or not based on your impression. Tell video game players about all the great functions they’ll enjoy. In most new games, there is an opportunity to purchase different things for characters. Describe whether the player will find this option in the reviewed game. Even small details can help the reader to understand whether he/she wants to try this game or not. You’re recommended to make notes of all the pros when playing not to forget anything important.

Suggest What Features Could Be Improved

There are many video games today but each of them could still be improved. Is there anything you dislike? Then, don’t hesitate to express your opinion on what could be improved in the gameplay. Write down all the suggestions regarding the improvement of the game idea, graphics, or anything else. There is one thing to keep in mind: don’t write vague notes, explain everything in detail. If you mention some con, you should be specific explaining why you think that this or that option requires improvements.

Compare the Game to Other Games Falling into the Same Category

If you review video games, then, you must have played many or at least some video games. Choose the most popular games and write a comparative analysis of the key features. Believe, fans of the same video games will be thankful for the detailed comparison. Write about two or three games that follow in the same genre category. Express your opinion on whether you’d rather choose to play the game you review or you like some other game from the same genre more. Remember that each of your opinions should be grounded. For example, you can write: “As we can see, in this game there are more options to purchase, the more sophisticated plot, better graphics, etc. than in that one”.

Write a Review Within the Word Limit 800-1000

The word limit varies but usually, it is within 800-1000 words if you want it to be published on some gaming resource. Are you a blog writer who has his/her site and reviews games? Then, it’s up to you to decide how much you need to write. But you should understand that game players want to learn as much as possible about the new game that has appeared on the market recently. So, it’s impossible to make the video game review much shorter than 800 words.

Divide Your Review into Logical Parts

Want your review to hook the reader? Then, brainstorm ideas on how to attract the attention of readers with the engaging opening paragraph. You need to start with some interesting facts about the game that is connected with its production or present one of the key advantages of the game in the first sentence. You’ll achieve success if your review sounds hooking. After the short introduction, move to the main body where you need to describe the plot of the game and its characters. 

Include the information about all the interactions between characters for the reader to have a clear picture of how everything is organized in the game. At the end of the video game review, you should make a conclusion on whether the game is worth playing or not. Write about your impressions and tell your verdict. You have the right to either recommend the game or vice versa say that it’s just a waste of time.

Make Sure Your Review is Error-Free

Are you ready with the review? The final step is to proofread it to exclude the possibility of having grammar and spelling mistakes. If you are going to send the review to a publisher you need to understand that he/she will return it to you in case it contains any kind of errors.

Follow all the instructions and you’ll succeed in writing a high-quality video game review from scratch.

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