Why aren’t there better racing games?

There is something about going to the Horse Races.  Since I watched My Fair Lady and heard Eliza Doolittle scream “Come on, Dover! Come on, Dover! Move your bloomin’ arse!” I have loved it.

All the pomp and ceremony on the surface but underneath we are all willing Dover to move his arse.

So, is it possible to recreate the same thrill of The Grand National at Aintree? Set in picturesque, green surroundings, the atmosphere of thousands of beautifully dressed spectators all hotly anticipating their stead passing through the gates first.  Pimms and champagne flowing, live music, and amazing food.  Jostling for the perfect spot to watch your hot tip win for you.

In my opinion, this cannot be recreated in your bedroom, in your PJ’s munching on quavers…. but maybe I am wrong.  According to some hardcore gamers, I am wrong.

Horse Racing games – better than the real thing?

Now horse racing games certainly don’t have the popularity of alternative racing games, anything with cars, guns, even two little Italian plumbers eclipse them but there are a few that seem to be holding their own in the final straight.

Horse Racing 2016 for PS4 appears to be the most popular and admittedly it does have an advantage over the real thing because in the game you are the jockey and not the spectator, but is that the equivalent of being the designated driver on a night out?  I think so.

Now the game is apparently addictive and provides the feel of a real horse race championship, you can pick from six horses, six jockeys, six different tracks, and five different race types.  You can even examine the horses to check out their unique abilities to prepare you for the race ahead.

It cannot, however, make you feel like an extra from My Fair Lady. Nor is it going to give you an advantage over the bookies whose queues at Aintree only add to the buzz of the place.

Now I am NEVER going to be a jockey so maybe the Horse Racing 2016 will give you the opportunity to experience the rush of the race but for me nothing can compare to the feeling of walking through the gates at Aintree feeling like a million dollars with my friends, and the anticipation of a great day ahead.

Horse racing gaming opportunity

Perhaps the lack of proper horse-racing games that allow the user to place bets is the reason behind the relative failure of previous racing games?  Given the rise of online gambling, surely there is a place for betting related interactive horse-racing games on platforms like the PS4.

There’s no denying it would be fun to place bets against your friends in a winner takes all setting. Even if you were only playing for credits or tokens, the element of competition would be great for parties (or drinking games!), or even just the kudos and bragging rites.

It’s likely, if geared in the correct way, that an online horse racing game could offer better odds than the Grand National Odds.

Perhaps something new is in the pipeline, but we haven’t heard anything about new horse racing games in the pipeline. It’s no wonder, given their previous lack of popularity. However, a mix of gaming and betting – now that could be a winning formula.

Will it happen in our lifetime? You can bet on it!

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