Tips on Getting More Gold in World of Warcraft

Whether you have just started playing, or are a veteran World of Warcraft player, you always need to have some gold handy. Some days it is easy to get some, other days you are struggling to pay for repairs.

Every player needs to have gold to keep jumping up the ranks and be the best player out there. But if you have fallen into a rut and really need some gold to get your game back on track, here are a few ways to earn some.

The Auction House

Head to the auction house to try and earn some gold. Follow the buy low and sell high pattern to keep bringing gold in. But remember that you won’t win every time. Expect to have a few visits in which you lose gold.

Think of the auction house like the stock market in real life. You must follow the trends of companies to see which ones are popular for the day. You’ll buy a stock at the lowest price possible and watch the stock increase. You then sell it at a higher rate to make some money. Do the same thing with items in WoW.

If items aren’t selling and it is not looking good, cut your losses and come back another day.

Stop Spending

One of the best ways to save your gold is to stop spending it – within reason. There will come times in which you need to spend. If you are planning raids, you will likely need to do some repairs to move on to the next attack. Those are necessary times to spend.

But don’t waste your gold on things like changing up your character. It eventually all adds up. Also, watch out for buying items at a premium price. This is the easiest way to watch your gold disappear very quickly. Hold off your purchase for a later date until the price drops down.

Keep your spending to a minimum while working to bring in gold, you will see a steady increase.

Play Better

Practice makes perfect, or at least a better player. Improving your skills as a player will progress you further through the game a lot quicker. You’ll also spend less gold having to repair your gear all the time.  A better player will be able to join better guilds that not only saves you gold, but it also develops friendships along the way.

Buy If Needed

If you are caught in a rut where you can’t seem to make enough gold but are in desperate need of a particular item, it may be time to buy WoW Gold. Spending a little money to get some more gold will help you get the things you need (or want) a lot quicker.

There are many ways for you to make gold in World of Warcraft. Some may require more work and time while others can be a quick solution. Being smart about what you spend your gold on will help you in the long run.

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