Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is the third game in the Dishonored series. Building on the supernatural assassin gameplay of the first two games, Death of the Outsider also brings an end to the series’ gripping story.

As you’d expect from a Dishonored game, Death of the Outsider is riveting to play. Movement feels smooth and exciting, with a new ability called Displace allowing you to teleport around the world by creating a virtual image of yourself.

Provided you’re within line of sight, you can use this image to teleport across the world, creating new opportunities for stealthy kills, pickpocketing and exploration.

Death of the Outsider also introduces Foresight — a new ability that allows you to freeze time to explore the area, letting you locate and identify enemies before entering new rooms, passages and other spaces.

Finally, Death of the Outsider arms you with the ability to disguise yourself as fallen enemies, adding a new level of stealth to the game. As you’d expect, your time in disguise is limited by your energy, making sneaking around as someone else a tense, exciting experience.

Graphically, Death of the Outside is impressive. The world is stylised and unique but feels real, with a stunning level of graphical detail. Levels are incredibly detailed and comprehensive, with plenty of hidden features to encourage exploration.

As with other Dishonored games, Death of the Outsider lets you choose whether to be lethal or nonlethal in how you deal with your enemies. The game itself is somewhat on the short side but wraps up the story nicely, with a variety of interesting and unique missions.

If you enjoyed Dishonored 2, you’ll find a lot to like about Death of the Outsider. While this game is slightly on the short side (overall, it feels more like an expansion to Dishonored 2 than a totally new game) it builds upon the predecessors story and gameplay for an incredible experience.

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