Marketing Tips for Universities

Universities need to know how to stand out from the crowd and attract students to their schools. This is not easy, especially when it is so competitive, so what can universities do to promote their school and attract new students? There are a few effective marketing tips for those in the higher education sector that should help you to find success and start competing with the bigger and more established universities. So, if you are struggling to attract new students, or are looking to get noticed, then keep reading to discover a few of the best marketing tips for universities.

Use Video Marketing

Today’s younger generations have a very short attention span and are often glued to their phones. Therefore, you need to be intelligent when it comes to marketing and use formats that will appeal to today’s younger generations. This is why video marketing is such a good option, as it allows you to create highly engaging content that uses video and audio, plus this is also one of the easiest ways to get your message across and give people a sense of what your school is like.

Use Alumni as Ambassadors

Like the way that people will seek out customer reviews before deciding to use a business, prospective students will want to hear from those that have attended your school. Picking what school to attend is a much greater decision than what business to buy from, so you want to put your best foot forward, and the best way to achieve this is with alumni as ambassadors for your school. Getting those that have had a positive experience to promote your school, answer questions, and engage with prospective students could make all the difference.

Use an Education Marketing Agency

Promoting a school or university is challenging and differs from a typical business. Therefore, it is a smart move to choose a digital marketing agency, like Eleven Marketing, which specialises in education marketing. Utilising an agency like this will help to raise brand awareness, improve the reputation of your school, and help you to attract new students.

Host & Attend Events

Universities should also host and attend events so that they can make connections with potential students and demonstrate why they should attend your school. Open days are always an effective way to attract new students to your school, but you should also look to attend local community events that will help to raise your profile and improve your reputation. Additionally, hosting virtual events could be a great way to engage today’s younger generations and provides the chance to build relationships and promote your school.

Marketing a university can be challenging and it is different from promoting a typical business. The above are a few of the best marketing tips for those in the higher education sector, which should hopefully allow you to attract new students, improve your reputation, and compete with the bigger and more established schools in your area, both now and in the long term.

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