Why is walking the most underrated form of exercise?

Lockdown drastically changed our travel habits as flights were grounded and offices closed. We didn’t commute over long distances or pile onto crowded trains to make the 9 am meeting. The nation stayed at home for months on end, and the roads fell quiet. Travel came to a standstill, and walking became our main form of exercise.

The NHS recommends that you walk 10,000 steps every day. Before the pandemic, most people would struggle to reach this when using public transport or driving to their destination.

However, the National Accident Helpline Line found that more Brits rely on walking and cycling now. After the restrictions were lifted, there were almost a million fewer cars on the road compared to pre-pandemic levels. Coronavirus changed the way we travel for the better.

Here are a few reasons why walking is good for you.

Improves fitness

Walking is a fantastic way to fit in your cardio for the day. You can go for an hour walk every day and get some fresh air and exercise. You can interact with other people or listen to your podcast and watch the world go by. You could walk to work, instead of getting the tube or driving. Fitting in those extra steps every day can help you stay on top of your fitness without joining the gym. You can strengthen your bones and improve your balance.

Reduces risk of disease

Walking helps to improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness (your heart and lungs.) It reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke and helps manage high blood pressure, cholesterol and joint pain.

It’s free

Walking is also good for your bank account. You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money each month on public transport and petrol. Delete the Uber app, and try walking to your destination instead.

Make it a part of your lifestyle

You can adjust your schedule to fit in the extra walking time. For example, you could switch your Zoom meetings to phone calls so you can walk and talk. Or, make it a rule that every time you go on social media, you have to walk as well. You will cut down your scrolling and increase your steps. Genius!

Reduce stress

You need to get out of the house and into the fresh air when you are stressed. Sitting at home at your desk will only accentuate the stress and make you feel more anxious. Walking can help to improve your mood and mental health.

Start walking more in 2022, and you will feel the benefits in no time at all.

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