10 Gifts For Gamers: Get Them Something They’ll Actually Use

As the party season and Christmas shopping draws ever closer, it’s time to level up your gift-giving powers and find the ideal gift for the gamers in your life. Whether you’re looking for something that will suit a console gamer, PC gamer, retro gamer, or someone who enjoys all types of gaming, we’ve compiled a list of gifts to put a smile on their faces this year. There are gifts for those with expensive tastes and those in your secret Santa that will make you the gift-giving champion this Christmas with presents they’ll actually use and won’t stuff in a cupboard for later regifting.

Scratch Off Video Game Posters

During the height of the pandemic, gamers found themselves running out of options as they played their favourites and new releases for hours and days on end. So, why not give them some inspiration to carry them through the new year? With a scratch-off video game poster, they can carefully play their way through the best games of the year, all time, or from their favourite genres.

Personalised Backlit Gamer Tag

Many gamers also stream their playthroughs for fans to watch and learn, and having a personalised backlit gamer tag proudly displayed behind them will increase their appeal to those looking to watch game streams. However, these beautiful gamer decorations aren’t only for streamers, as all gamers love them, especially if they have a game room where they can show it off to friends during their next gaming session.

Video Game Rage Candles

We’ve all heard of the video game rage that many players suffer from, and often it can lead to broken controllers or even screens. Why not help the gamers in your life relace after a challenging game with video game rage candles? The perfect way to relax and calm their nerves before they jump back in to beat the opposing team or difficult boss battle.

Arcade Game Machine

The home of a gamer is not complete without a cocktail table arcade machine that houses a wide range of retro games. Let your gamer friends select their favourite game from the list of pre-loaded games from their childhood days and watch the hours pass by, whilst remembering simpler times. Table arcade machines take up less room than upright units and can be the perfect focal point in their living rooms or if they have the space, game rooms. With plenty of choices when it comes to the arcade machines, why not head over to the experts and browse the range at Arcade Depot?

Retro Handheld

Retro handhelds are the perfect gift for people who like to game on the go and want access to hundreds of their favourite old school games. Some handheld devices even connect to TVs so your loved ones can put their feet up and game in style when they get home.

Decision Making Flip Coin

Some gamers just don’t know when to call it a night and are often found convincing themselves that one more game, level, or mission couldn’t hurt. However, when the morning comes, and they’ve only had a few hours of sleep, if they got any at all, they regret playing for so long. A decision-making coin can help them when they can say no and want to push bedtime back a few hours, even when they need to be up in the early hours. Letting fate decide when your friends get to bed might just help them get the precious sleep they keep losing on the brand new game they also received for Christmas.

Gaming Cockpit

Give the gamer in your life a truly unique immersive experience into the digital world of gaming as they have never seen before with a gaming cockpit. These high-tech motorised cockpits typically support a triple display set up and come with many great features like a control pad that allows them to transform their screens into a breath-taking panoramic view.

LED Backlight Strips

Gaming sessions can last for hours, and as we head deeper into winter, the days are getting shorter, which means many gamers are putting their eye health at risk as their screens are often the only light source. Help them add some flair and light to their rooms with LED backlight strips to not only improve the gaming atmosphere but reduce the strain on their eyes when it goes dark without them noticing.

Glowing Health Bars

A fun stocking filler for gamers is personalised glowing health bars where you can choose the display name and amount of health in the bar for the perfect addition to the gaming space.

Pro Gaming Chair

Gaming on a bed or from the sofa can be problematic for players backs and can often leave them stiff or in pain for hours following a long session. Add some comfort to their lives with a pro gaming chair with built-in speakers and vibrations to provide them with an immersive experience that also gives them proper back support.

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