The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Bitcoin is a phenomenon. This cryptocurrency has really skyrocketed in the last few years and the beginning of 2021 is setting a record for a fantastic price increase. The use of crypto money is not limited to bitcoin. There are many different types of cryptocurrencies and each one of them is struggling to become the most popular means of payment. But until now, bitcoin’s position is still not shifted from the top. This cryptocurrency is the most popular cryptocurrency, and therefore the most expensive. Even many online casinos have implemented bitcoin as a legal tender. An example is this site.

Bitcoin casinos are developing more and more, in our country and abroad. Some casinos mix fiat currency and bitcoin, while others only use cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a completely virtual currency and comes from a private organization, which can be converted into fiat currency. There are many benefits to using it to fund your online gaming account.

Preserve your anonymity

The first benefit of funding your gaming account with bitcoin is that your identity is never disclosed. Your bitcoin payments are completely anonymous because you don’t have to give your bank details to the bitcoin casino. Thus, it is impossible to trace it back to you, both when funding your account and when playing games. In addition, little personal data is collected with this payment method, since only an email address is sufficient to deposit bitcoins into your game account.

Reduce processing costs and complete your transactions quickly

With fiat currency, transactions between your bank account and the casino can take several days because there are intermediaries for money transfers. Payments with bitcoin are very fast, in the order of a few minutes, as the transactions take place directly between the casino and your bitcoin wallet. It is therefore up to the casino to validate your transaction, which significantly shortens the delays. Also, since bitcoin is not issued by a bank, you will only have a small applicable processing fee for these payments.

Stay out of the banking system

Through the use of cryptocurrency in online casinos, your anonymity will be preserved until the end. Thus, you are not trackable, and none of your bitcoin accounts can be traced, taxed or entered. It is indeed a completely virtual currency, which remains completely outside the banking and state systems, since it is owned and managed by a private body. Confidentiality for your transactions and your identity is therefore essential. Playing in a bitcoin casino is completely secure and confidential.

Casinos offer bonuses

Recently, online casinos using bitcoin have become increasingly popular. They are highly regarded by players for the benefits listed above and because they allow greater freedom. In addition, to attract customers who use crypto-currencies, casinos are making unbeatable offers, in particular by offering bonuses. For example, they offer you 1 bitcoin when you make your first bitcoin deposit, and offer promotions and benefits when you use BTC. Casinos are therefore clearly encouraging the use of cryptocurrency for the enjoyment of players.

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