Beating Work-From-Home Burnout

Whether you have just recently started working from home because of unusual circumstances or you have always worked at home (and like it that way!), eventually you may find yourself a bit burnt out on the concept. Although to a lot of people it seems like an ideal situation, it is not as easy as it sounds! Here are some tips for overcoming that work-from-home burnout feeling. 

Plan for Some Fun

Yes, your pajamas and television set are just in the next room, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically plop yourself down on the couch immediately after your work day is finished (well, not every night, at least). Plan for a fun night out with friends, at least once a week, or even a trip to the mall for that new outfit you’ve had your eye on – whatever you consider “fun” that gets you out of the house a couple of times a week.

Also, don’t forget that even people who work from home need a vacation. “Working from home” is still “work,” which a lot of people can forget, and getting away from the home office  is just as important as getting away from an office building. Plan on having some fun, whether it’s a weekend driving trip to see the sites in your own state or an eastern caribbean cruise. 

Stay Connected

Even for the most introverted person, it can be nice to have some connection with others. Whether it is an email with a coworker or a day full of emails with a friend, communication with an actual person can help the day to pass a little more quickly and prevent burn out.

Set Boundaries

Just because you could go into your home office and work at any time of the day or night doesn’t mean you should. Set your work schedule and stick to it, for your own sanity! Avoid working weekends and through the night (unless you are a night owl, of course). Constant work is sure to burn you out quickly. 

Get Some Exercise

Work can be consuming, even when you do it from home. Carve out some time in your schedule to take a walk or spend an hour at the gym or even go out in the backyard and get some yardwork done. In the winter months, you could try an exercise class in your living room, thanks to one of the many available on streaming services. 

Create an Awesome Workspace

If you worked in an office, you probably would not be allowed to have a doggie bed in the corner for your favorite Chihuahua or a mini-fridge next to your desk with your favorite snacks. However, your home office is your own space, and you can decorate it however you want. Find art you love, buy a pink couch to put in the corner — whatever will make you happy to go into your office every morning. 

Stay Away From Social Media

When you don’t have a boss potentially looking over your shoulder all the time, it can be quite tempting to spend some time on social media. However, this can be a bad idea. For one thing, it may start out as a 5-minute break, but we all know how easy it is to lose track of time when there is so much information to scroll through. Your little break can end up lasting an hour or more, which can set you behind with your work (and eventually cause you to miss deadlines). This can get you flustered and frustrated, making it even harder to get back into the task at hand. Don’t even tempt yourself – don’t log into your social media accounts until you are all done with work.

Even if you work at home all the time and love it, it can take some adjustment, and burn out can happen just like it does when you work in an office building. Take some steps to take care of yourself and to avoid burn out!

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