Ecommerce App Features Essential In 2021

The revolutionary technologies are changing modern human lives beyond what one can perceive. There’s no dearth in emerging trends, cutting-edge innovations, and new paradigms. The 21st-century society is gratified to the modern-day business arena for the ground-breaking advancements it has placed before the investors and shoppers.

On that note, an eCommerce application is one of the most sought-after innovations that allow customers to stay virtually connected to the shopping realm. After all, it generates business revenue, develops customer loyalty, and gives businesses a competitive edge.

If you’re wondering how to make an eCommerce app, we recommend using the article by the link as it is written by eCommerce creation experts – Aimprosoft. Also, visit here to learn about building marketplace websites. In this article, the following are the outstanding features to be implemented in an eCommerce app. 

  • Seamless Registration Procedure

The registration procedure of an eCommerce app in 2021 should be seamless and straightforward. A tedious process contributes to a decreased customer number. The application should have an option to log in via social media platforms.

Often, customers may hesitate to give their phone numbers. Thus, the registration process should include an option for an email address with a personal password. This initiative will make the app more user-accessible.

  • Safe Payment Process

Multiple payment modes will be offered to the customers. The payment process involves sharing a bank account and personal details. Thus, people trust standard methods. You can also include mobile wallet options to implement a more user-centric strategy.

When users get a chance to pay securely, they complete their purchase and return. And this is where the one-click safe payment option can increase the frequency and number of purchases.

  • Push Notification Features

For new customers registering for the first time, they might not like getting frequent notifications. Thus, it is imperative to ask whether to enable the push notification feature or not. Push notifications act as a continuous reminder about the eCommerce application. These reminders come in various forms – personalized, limited, or even special offers and rebates.

Push notifications develop the customer experience because it’s a fantastic way to engage users. Additionally, it also maintains the efficacy of communication and ensures maximum interaction.

  • Augmented Reality Features

Augmented reality is improving the traditional methodologies of shopping. Today’s online shopping sphere remains incomplete without the implementation of augmented reality technologies. It lets the users interact with the products from their screen itself. With AR features, users will see products and how they will look in the real world.

With the implementation of AR technologies, users can now ensure that they make a conscious decision before buying the product without hesitations.

  • Tracking the Status for Delivery 

Customers will be able to appreciate the tracking purchase feature in the app. It enables tracking the purchased items alongside a shipping status for the order—these transparencies in shopping foster customer loyalty and trust.

Rapid and accurate tracking services let customers estimate product delivery’s exact time and get premium quality services after the purchase.

  • An Inclusion of a Shopping Cart

A shopping cart assists customers in the completion of their online shopping. It’s an outstanding feature of an eCommerce application. When a user checks out, the cart calculates the order’s total price, including service, delivery, and taxes fees. Due to this feature, customers can select the products, review them and even remove and add other products.

The shopping cart saves the customer time, besides offering convenience and flexibility while purchasing. It guarantees an excellent user experience and saves time.

  • Product Gallery

The product page should contain all-encompassing information concerning the items, including pictures and price. It’s also compulsory to ensure a standalone UX or UI experience. A majority of customers make the final purchase based on the product gallery.

With an inclusion of a product gallery, the eCommerce app will help customers estimate products from various angles to enhance the confidence in buying.

The Bottom Line

Besides the features mentioned above, an eCommerce app should also include features like shipping choices, a seamless return policy, and a customer support team. The development of an eCommerce application should be well-organized to alleviate additional and unnecessary costs. To ensure that the app does not experience errors or issues, you need to consider aspects, including UI or UX design, security, stability, and scalability.

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