The Hardest Trophies To Achieve In Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

The latest (and some would say greatest) incarnation of the “Call of Duty” franchise has been available to buy for two months now. You might not have had the opportunity to play it yet because finding a PS5 or Xbox Series X to play it on is easier said than done, but most people who got it on day one have completed the single-player modes and now consider themselves to be experts at the game. That’s a lot of people, by the way. “Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War” broke digital sales records for day one downloads, setting a record that may not be broken until the next version of the game is released.

If you’ve completed single-player mode and you’re an elite level player online, you might be looking for additional challenges. That’s where trophies come in. No “Call of Duty” player can be considered a true master unless they’ve unlocked all the trophies, but that’s easier said than done. While you can come across most of them during the course of normal gameplay, you have to go looking for others, and in some cases, take counter-intuitive actions to achieve them. We can take some of the guesswork out of that process for you, though, because we know where the most difficult ones are hiding.

“Call of Duty” is a sensation of a franchise. It’s transcended gaming platforms and has become a pop culture phenomenon with a movie in the works, action figures available, and an officially-licensed tie-in game doing good business at online slots websites. The players at those online slots websites know a thing or two about trophy collection themselves seeing as hunting for trophies on Rose Slots and similar sites has become “a thing” in recent years, and those players are almost certainly inspired to go looking for them because they started off as fans of the original video game. While we might not be expert enough to tell you where the trophies are kept in the online slots UK version of the game, we’re more than familiar with where to go looking in “Black Ops: Cold War” – and here they are.

Reunited With Fidolina

This trophy is almost absurdly difficult to achieve. It’s often complained about by frustrated trophy-hunters on Reddit, and we suspect that even the people who made the game would struggle to get it under normal conditions. For a start, you need to reach level 64 in the Dead Ops Arcade. That alone is worth a trophy, but that’s just the beginning of your problems. Having done that, you need to defeat the Momaback. The amount of grind required to do this is exhausting, and a lot of people would say it isn’t fun. We’d be inclined to agree with them. This is a trophy that only people obsessed with collecting them all should go looking for. Then again, you must be one of those people, or you’d never have opened this article!


We love this trophy because it’s a very clever play on words. Kraftwerk is one of the most successful and influential German bands of all time. One of the band’s most famous songs is called “The Man-Machine.” To get the “Craftwork” trophy in “Black Ops: Cold War,” you need to do a lot of crafting on the “Die Maschine” map. Never let it be said that the people at Activision don’t know their way around a good pun. If you want to unlock this trophy, you’ll spend more time crafting than you will fighting or shooting. All you need to do is craft fourteen different items in a single match, and you’ll get your trophy.

Patriot Arrow

Ziplining is a tricky business “Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.” Aside from the risk of falling to your death, you’re also somewhat exposed to any enemies who might be nearby and keeping an eye on your progress. There isn’t much you can do to get out of their way when you’re dangling in mid-air. That’s why it probably doesn’t occur to you do much attacking while you’re making your way across one. That’s also the reason that so few people have achieved this trophy. It actually isn’t too hard so long as you know what you’re doing. During “Echoes of a Cold War,” get your bow and arrow out and use it to kill one enemy while you’re on the zipline. The trophy will present itself immediately.

Scorched Earth

We’re surprised that this trophy is so rare because all it relies on is players becoming mass murderers. While you’re playing “Fracture Jaw,” you’ll find yourself defending Firebase Ripcord from wave after wave of mortar teams and vehicles. Execute your mission successfully, and you’ll progress through the game, but you won’t get the trophy. Completing a successful defense isn’t enough to unlock it. You need to annihilate everything you see. Kill every member of every mortar team, but don’t leave it there. You also have to destroy every single one of their vehicles. Leave nothing alive and nothing moving. Only then will you get your reward, you bloodthirsty monster.


If there were a trophy for stating the obvious, we’d award it to ourselves for listing this trophy. We have to list it, though, because it’s the single rarest trophy in the game. Only 0.1% of players have unlocked it, and that figure isn’t likely to increase as a percentage. There’s only one way to unlock this trophy, and that’s to unlock every single other trophy in the entire game. There’s no shortcut, and you can’t get it any other way. That means looking in every corner, completing the game multiple times on the highest level of difficulty to get every ending, and exploring every corner of every map. Let’s be realistic here; it’s going to take you weeks. It can be done, and people have done it, but only the most dedicated “Call of Duty” obsessives would even dream of trying.

Many are called to pursue the “Platinum” trophy, but few are chosen. It’s the game’s Holy Grail, and hardly anybody will ever see it. We hope that by offering you a few pointers for the other three rare trophies, we might have moved you one step closer. Good luck!

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