How to Play Online Scratch Cards?

People have been playing physical scratch card games for a few decades. The cards were sold at lottery shops and convenience stores from where the players usually bought. 

With the advent of online casinos, the game is now easily available at one click on your desktop or smartphones. These virtual scratch cards are now a part of some of the popular casino games in the online world. Moreover, new sites in the United Kingdom offer tons of variations of scratch cards today.

There is more to know about the scratch card games and how you can play online! Keep reading to get accustomed to all such info.

How to Get Started with the Scratch Cards Online?

To begin with, firstly choose an online casino that actually hosts a wide range of scratch card games. This is because not all online casinos have included these games in their collection. Furthermore, some casinos provide only one or two variants of these games. It is better to avoid such platforms and look for a proper collection of these games. That way, you can choose to play different varieties of scratch card games of your choice. 

How does Virtual Scratch Card Work?

Similar to the physical cards, virtual scratch cards come in 3×3 grid. These usually come with different symbols hidden onto a plain top. You have to scratch the cards to reveal the hidden symbols. 

Since you will be playing the game online, all you have to do is click on the ‘Play’ button. For each click on the play button, you will be revealing one symbol at a time. However, there is a ‘Scratch all’ option also. If you click on it, the game reveals all the hidden symbols at once.

Now, the game requires you to form a line of 3 similar symbols either vertically or horizontally or diagonally to win at it. The payout of the scratch cards varies depending on different symbols. This is somewhat similar to the slot game in essence.

Is There More to the Online Scratch Card Games?

Absolutely! Playing it plainly can make the entire gaming experience mundane. The developers understand this and hence usually bring in some added features to spice up these games.

Some added features onto the online scratch card games include:

In-Game Features: Some scratch cards come with in-game features. You can play mini-games in the base game. These mini-games could include rounds like ‘wheel of fortune’ etc. These rounds are not only entertaining but bring you some bonus rewards too. 

Additional Symbols: Just like slot machines, scratch card games to have additional symbols. These special symbols offer lucrative payouts when landed in specific ways and in a specific combination. Sometimes, single special symbols can also reward you some handsome payouts. 

We hope you have got some conceptual idea of how the online scratch card games work. Furthermore, we suggest you try the game in demo mode on any online casino to understand it better. Once accustomed with the game, go ahead and make your wager on these virtual card games!

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