The Green Light Innovations’ Guide to Perfect Sign Design


When you want to attract attention to your small business, signage is one of the most effective ways to pass across your message. At Green Light Innovations, we understand that the process of creating and putting together a sign can be a painstaking one. To help you navigate the process, we turned to our resident sign and design experts to create a guide about everything you should know when selecting a sign. Do you want to attract the attention of potential customers? Read this guide to learn more.

Choosing the right sign

Are overwhelmed by the plethora of sign options? You needn’t be. Firstly, you need to determine what purpose you want to be fulfilled by your business sign. Below are a few tips put together by our in-house experts on the things to guide you for each type of sign, whether it’s a LED Open Sign or a more sophisticated one.

If you want to outfit your office or store, window decals and posters will work wonders to grab the attention of people that are browsing.

If you are preparing for an indoor event such as a trade show, you will be better off with tabletop signs, foam boards, retractable banners, and banners. These will complement your booth pretty well.

For outdoor events, for instance, a craft fair, yard signs, flags, and banners are sure to catch the traffic’s attention.

For those showcasing a sale, foam boards, banners, retractable banners, tabletop signs, as well as using posters are a great way to make your event noticeable and clear.

For conducting a general awareness and branding, car magnets, banners, posters, flags, and yard signs will work wonderfully to display your logo. They will display your contact details as well as any other thing that you may want your customers to know about.

The next thing you need to do after determining the business need to be fulfilled by your sign is to start thinking about where you will be putting your sign. To do this, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Will the neon open sign be used indoors or outdoors?
  • If outside, how long will you leave it there?
  • Will the sign need to be left outside in the rain?
  • How durable do you need your sign to be?
  • Will you need to bring your sign with you to different tradeshows?

While looking for a specific neon sign that best fits your needs, you need to keep the answers to the above questions at the back of your mind. Often, different materials withstand different elements. For instance, if your sign will be exposed to lots of rain, we recommend that the sign material you select be water-resistant. Other options could be plastic or corrugated material. Also, you would want to avoid lighter and non-water-resistant materials such as poster paper. If you expect that windy conditions will be a problem, you should choose a heavy or a securely weighted material.

Designing your sign

By this time, you are clear about the sign that best fits your business needs as well as where it’s going to be placed. You are, therefore, ready for design. Although it might seem a bit intimidating when customizing a big product, you can trust the design experts at Green Light Innovations to help you along the way. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Your Font Should be Big and Bold: Typography plays a crucial role in ensuring that your message gets across. The trick is to use a heavy typeface as it offers more contrast that improves the readability of your message. You want to stay away from script fonts that have elegant and thin strokes when designing your sign.

Make your message simple and use sufficiently large fonts. Large signs don’t work well for complex messages. Do not fill your sign with educational content but use signs to display promotional content or event-focused messaging. Avoid trying to say your message all at once. Instead, pick a message that you want to share with your customers and ensure it’s quick for your audience to read. People will understand your message a lot faster if you use a larger font. It’s more important if you are targeting motorists or even people just walking past your business.

Create Contrast so your sign is attention-grabbing:

If, for instance, your logo is light-colored, it must be put on a dark background to be visible. You also need to ensure the location of your sign contrasts with the sign. If your LED Open sign will be hung on a brick wall, it mustn’t be read or it won’t stand out.

Know the best substrate for your image:

For example, if you want to highlight photography or art and you don’t anticipate glare, glossy is your best way to make the shots stand out.

Select a vector file for a logo: this makes it scalable to any size of your choosing. Green Light Innovations support various file formats like Bitmap image, Adobe Acrobat 9 Document, GIF image, JPEG Image, and PCX Image just to mention but a few.

Upload Hi-Res logo or photo: The bigger the banner, the higher the resolution that will be needed for your photos. Do not ignore a resolution error if you get one. To ensure the high resolution of your images, take them from a high-quality camera or enlist the help of a professional designer. Another alternative is to use our design services.

For those who have a logo already but the resolution isn’t up to scratch, you could use Green Light Innovations’ logo-recreation services. It ensures that your logo is redone in a stretchable format.


The above expert tips should be able to create an attention-grabbing neon open sign. In the event that you skip one step, you can count on our satisfaction guarantee to still get the sign you will love. Do not allow the lack of designing experience to stop you from magnifying your business message. Call Green Light Innovations today for high-quality signs that make you stand out.

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