5 Destinations to Visit in 2021

2020 has been a turbulent year, with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world and making international travel at best a complicated process and, at worst, a luxury that very few can access.

Not surprisingly, many people are already planning their holidays for 2021, aiming to make the most of a new year in which many travel restrictions are likely to no longer be in place.

From Europe to Asia and beyond, 2021 could potentially be a major travel year as people get back to life as normal. Below, we’ve listed five places to add to your “to-visit” list for next year and beyond.


One of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, Greece has had a tough 2020, with reduced traveller numbers and coronavirus regulations impacting the country’s travel industry massively — according to National Geographic, arrivals are down as much as 70 percent.

Despite the rocky year, Greece is hoping for a tourism recovery in 2021, with the Greek Tourism Confederation noting that the industry hopes to come back in the second half of 2021.

From picture-perfect islands and beaches to some of the world’s most impressive ruins, Greece has an incredible amount to offer, with a welcoming tourism industry that’s likely to be happy for next year’s potential increase in business.


Famous for its densely-packed city layout, stunning harbour and incredible wealth, Monaco is one of the most popular destinations on the French Riviera and the perfect place to relax for a few days as part of a longer European holiday.

Best enjoyed in summer, Monaco offers a variety of things to do, including the famous Prince’s Palace and the popular Larvotto Beach. It’s also home to the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo — a global icon for gambling enthusiasts.

If the weather’s not in your favour, or if you’re simply not interested in travelling, you can enjoy many of Monte Carlo’s top games from home. Check out the best betting site here to view the games and other attractions on offer.


Long one of Asia’s most popular destinations, Thailand — like many other tourism-dependent countries — has gone through a tough 2020.

Despite this, the famous tropical destination is looking to turn things around, allowing tourists entry into the country provided they quarantine for 14 days at a government-approved resort before spending time elsewhere in the country.

Although nothing is certain, it’s possible that Thailand could relax its restrictions further as we enter the next year, making one of Asia’s favourite holiday destinations a travel opportunity for 2021.

New Zealand

One of the few countries to largely avoid the large-scale lockdowns that have affected Europe and North America, New Zealand is an isolated but beautiful country that’s been a favourite of outdoors enthusiasts and adventure travellers for a long time.

Although New Zealand still has travel restrictions in place, the country is slowly allowing people to enter, albeit only those with a critical purpose for travelling.

From stunning mountains to impressive beaches, New Zealand’s varied landscapes make it a favourite for many travellers. And after a quiet year, there could be plenty of lucrative deals on offer for travellers willing to make the long journey.

Costa Rica

Famous for its incredible scenery and tropical weather, Costa Rica has long attracted travellers looking for a taste of Central American life. The country’s beautiful beaches and relaxed way of life make it a great option for relaxing in 2021 after a stressful, busy 2020.


Costa Rica has been open to foreign arrivals since the beginning of November, with relatively few restrictions on entry. However, travellers need to meet the government’s COVID-19 entry and visa requirements — a policy that may continue into next year.

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