Why Hire Private Car Service over Uber or Lyft



There is no doubt that ride-sharing services, notably Uber, have transformed the taxi and car service sector. These options make it easy for you if you want a quick ride. However, these services lack passenger safety, regulations, and driver professionalism. When choosing a means of transportation to the airport or a special event, you may be stuck between hiring a private car service and using rideshare apps. Because of the way they are easy to hire, a lot of people wonder whether they are better than private car service. But when it comes to the level of service and dependability, there is no debate. When you require a quick ride, rideshares are great. However, when you need to meet a firm deadline or don’t want travel setbacks, the more reliable option for you is to hire a private car service. Here are more reasons why private car service trumps rideshare.



You know what you will be charged



When you choose to use a rideshare service, for instance, Uber, you might be shocked at how the cost of the ride changes. The cost of Uber changes depending on several factors like the supply of drivers and the demand for rides. You should expect to pay more during rush hours than off-peak hours.  


And things can be even more frustrating if your Uber driver is unfamiliar with the area you are going, has poor driving habits, or doesn’t know the local traffic patterns. It may mean you spend a much longer time on the ride than you had planned for.


Fortunately, you won’t have to face this problem when you opt for a professional car service with a private chauffeur. Upon scheduling your car, Lavish Ride will send you a quote that shows you exactly what you will need to pay. This price already factors in heavy traffic times. When you opt for a professional car service, you get a professional driver that understands the area like the back of their palm. This keeps unexpected delays to the minimum.  


Travel in Comfort and Style


Services such as Lyft and Uber are utilitarian. They are motivated by getting you to your destination as efficiently and quickly as possible. Because they bank on providing the lowest cost of transportation, they typically give clients a cheap experience.


When you have an important corporate event to attend, or you want to go for that night out you have been planning for, you need to travel in luxury and style. You cannot trust Uber because you never know the car they’ll send.


If you have lots of luggage or are traveling in a large contingent, one of the best things to do will be to reserve one of our Mercedes sprinter vans or SUVs. With Lavish Ride, we give you a wide range of classy vehicles to choose from. You know exactly what you are paying for. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of getting style and comfort.


A Dependable Ride


When you need to get to the airport, the car must be there at that time that you need it. The flight will not delay just waiting for you. You must get to the airport with minutes to spare before your flight takes off.


When you reserve a private car service, you are guaranteed that you will be picked up on time and be taken to your destination. These companies have drivers that understand the local traffic and travel conditions.


And when you are flying home, it’s just as important that you find a reliable transportation service. After a long flight, you don’t want to be wondering how you will get home. With a professional car hire company, you will find a car waiting for you when you get off the plane. Whether your flight arrives early or is delayed, you can always be sure a car will be waiting to pick you up. This is because we track your flight to ensure that our drivers are ready when you touch down.


Professional Travel Experience


The beauty of hiring a private car service with a private chauffeur is that you get much more than just be moved from one point to the next. Instead, you get the ultimate definition of luxurious travel. Our vehicles have plush interiors that let you relax and enjoy your ride. If you want to enjoy some alcohol during your ride, you can feel free to indulge since this is not an Uber but a commercial vehicle.


Also, your driver will already be familiar with your travel plans, meaning you won’t be bothered with random small talk or questions. At Lavish Ride, we do the driving and allow you and your traveling contingent to savor every moment of the ride.


A Complete Suite of Travel Services


A car service company understands the needs of the entire trip. The professional driver you get will carry your luggage to the car and even help you alight or get into the car. These services often work with other companies in different locations so they can arrange transportation right at your destination. If you need to be picked up at the airport, we will track your flight schedule, so we know when you land.


Verdict: A Professional Car Service gives you a Better Ride than Uber


When organizing your next special event or business trip, one thing you deserve is peace of mind. A private car service guarantees you reliability, professionalism, and comfort during your journey. Instead of leaving an app to take charge of your travel needs, hire a private chauffeur, and travel stress-freely.


Lavish Ride is a leader in comfort and luxurious travel from Houston to all the major airports in Texas. With professional drivers that are willing to get out of their way to serve you, we focus on the highest standards of customer service. Plus, our vehicles are well-maintained so you can be sure of an event-free journey. Give us a call today to reserve your car.

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