“In Musica” Roma International Piano Competition:

The European Foundation for Support of Culture (EFSC) proudly presents the second edition of its “In Musica” Roma International Piano Competition which will be held 17-18 September 2020 in some of the most prestigious and breathtaking cultural venues in the Italian capital.

This major international event in Rome, a city that has been a cornerstone of civilization and cultural history for over two millennia, will bring together musicians and music lovers from all over the world in a veritable celebration of culture and collaboration.

“Our ‘In Musica’ Roma International Piano Competition offers upcoming artists a unique chance to perform competitively in a city celebrated for its contributions to the arts in a series of concerts that are certain to engage, excite and delight our audiences. In addition to this, and very crucially, this competition also provides the top five selected participants an opportunity to compete in Valletta next year for an incredible first prize, something we are very proud to offer and something we know will make a hugely significant impact on the winner’s future.”Konstantin Ishkhanov, President of the European Foundation for Support of Culture.

Audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy live performances of various Romantic works for piano performed by a selection of the most talented rising stars in the classical music world today. In addition, the second round of the competition will see each competitor performing a work by Festival’s Composer-In-Residence, Alexey Shor, who enjoys a prolific career that has seen his compositions performed all over the world by ensembles including Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, the Brandenburg State Orchestra, and many others.

The EFSC and esteemed competition judge Pavel Gililov (Austria / Germany), Grigory Gruzman (Germany), Giuliano Mazzoccante (Italy), Mariangela Vacatello (Italy), and Claudio Trovajoli (Italy) look forward to the competitors’ performances and are proud to provide a platform that will help further develop and give prominence to the careers of inspirational young musicians from across the world.

“The first edition of this competition was held in 2018, and suffice to say that with all the events of this year it seems like an age away now! Italy, as our audiences will be aware, was especially hard-hit at the start of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, and I confess that for a time the atmosphere in Italy, and especially within the artistic community, was very dark. Now, however, though of course the dangers from COVID-19 should not be understated, the situation here is much improved from what it was, and words cannot fully express my happiness and gratitude at the prospect of being able to welcome so many talented young musicians to lovely Rome this September. The caliber of applicants was exceedingly high, and I know that the organizers, my fellow judges, and audiences alike are very excited to witness the performances of these exceptional young musicians. We are also thrilled to welcome back Alexey Shor as our Composer-In-Residence for the second year, a composer whose works I have had the privilege to play on many occasions. Each piece of Alexey’s has a unique and distinctive character, and melody is always very important in his music. His works have a strongly identifiable musical language, and, though contemporary, are very understandable and relatable to audiences and performers alike. I am very much looking forward to this year’s competition and know that with great participants, great judges, and great partnerships we can achieve something very special.” – Giuliano Mazzoccante, Artistic Director.

The event will be held as part of the preliminary stage of the 2021 Malta International Piano Competition with the top five ranked competitors from the Roma competition invited to Valletta in 2021 to compete for an impressive total prize fund. More information may be found at

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