What is the reason for bitcoin’s price fluctuation?

Any currency exposed to fluctuation, the price period is high, and at other times the price is low. Mostly, these things are individual actions of users that cause price fluctuations, and this of course is what happens with bitcoin. Currency and knowing its real price will go the same as any other currency and volatility is in a state of scarcity only.

The extent to which different sites control Bitcoin

No site can control its users ’portfolios and play with their personal money as we mentioned before, you must make complicated accounts until funds are withdrawn. Through open source wallets that help clients transfer their money from one wallet to another, therefore caution must be exercised when dealing with it, especially with large accounts.

Rumors about bitcoin

Rumors always appear and find those who believe them, but the novice victim falls, for example, when the bitcoin currency drops, you find that some say that it may reach $ 300 and some say that the date of the Bitcoin collapse, so soon beginners believe and sell everything they own and this may cause them huge losses, and find Rumors about bitcoin due to the promotion of a new currency and rumors about the invading of a new currency in place of the old currency, and it does not know basically what the new currency is or its price or even the way it is used which is what drives many to change their dealings which causes them huge losses, especially if this currency has no basis in existence. Get more detail at Immediate Edge official site

Is Bitcoin likely to collaps?

All currencies are subject to collapse due to inflation, political fluctuations and the emergence of competitive currencies, but the matter is different with Bitcoin, as it has proven its existence over many years and it is difficult to erase its name from among transactions, electronic transfers and arithmetic transactions.

Existing and used by many, and if you are an investor on the Internet and need help, you should read how to open a bitcoin account easily and use it safely. Buy bitcoin and double your money and profits for sure!

After buying a currency Boutkoan (PotCoin) through the previous steps, you can spend this currency in the various exchanges concerning the currency of cannabis on the one hand or the other aspects that accept payment via this currency, but you can also take advantage of currency storage and possession of it for a good time as a kind of Investing, which brings you many advantages that include:

  • Obtain an annual interest rate: When you acquire a bitcoin cryptocurrency, the network itself calculates an interest rate of 5% that is added to your account as a form of bonus or interest.
  • Supporting the currency network: Through the acquisition of the bitcoin coin, your computer becomes an active point on the network that allows the passage and support of money transfers made on this currency, which means that you get the benefit that we mentioned in the previous point, in addition to supporting the bitcoin network and making it more active And safer.
  • Control and control your bitcoin balance: When you acquire a bitcoin coin, this requires that the currency be stored on your device in the bitcoin wallet, which encourages people to follow their transactions by creating strong and multiple passwords, which means dispensing of any third party that may take over Insurance process.

Here are important points that you should know to take advantage of the acquisition of Bitcoin coin:

Before interest or acquisition is calculated as a result of storing the currency on your device, it must pass at least 8 hours in your portfolio before interest is calculated for it, and 8 hours of the age of the acquisition are deducted after any exchange or exchange of the currency you make. Once your stock of Bitcoin is stored, it will be closed for 240 blocks before you are allowed to trade, spend, or re-store it for the purpose of the acquisition.

Once your bitcoin coin purse is unlocked and you start storing it for investment, it is automatically stored unless you lock it.

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