What do game developers do to create a good first impression on players?

Technology is a key part of everyone’s life, and this includes areas as diverse as digital marketing, AI and computing. When it comes to staying entertained, technology also plays a huge role. Gaming is a great example of this and has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry on a global scale. Modern gaming is a wide-ranging sector and includes not only video gaming but also eSports, and online casino gaming.

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Whatever type of gaming you enjoy, the games themselves are undeniably important. From slots to video games, developers will always go the extra mile to win over potential new players. But what things do they do to make a good first impression on gamers?

Awesome graphics

This is the first thing most game developers do to create a good impression and is one of the best game design tips. Humans are visual animals after all, and what a game looks like influences how likely we are to play it. If a game looks outdated, blocky or just plain bad, it will struggle to win over gamers. If it looks awesome though, gamers are far more likely to give it a try.

Sharp sound

There are many reasons why top games do well and attract so many fans. One thing all decent game studios will do is load their products with sharp sound. This includes cool background music and FX which fit in with the game. Although you might not notice them much when you play, music and FX make a big impact and you would miss them if they were not there.

Engaging theme/storyline

All developers make sure their games have immersive storylines and engaging themes to win over potential new players. This helps to make the game more intriguing and gives players something to keep coming back for. In addition, most studios will also build progression into game design. This is something which players value games and which allow them to progress as they play more.

Game developers use various features to hook players

As the above shows, there are a few common things which all developers will do when creating a game. By building in things like amazing graphics, brilliant sound and a smart theme/storyline, they help to make their product appealing enough for gamers to try.


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