CBD Oil for Dogs: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you own a dog then chances are you have already heard of a wonder-working product. Cannabidiol oil for pets is all over the place and as a great dog parent; we understand your need to try out this product on your dog. You are probably wondering whether or not this product is right for your dog. However, if you are not properly informed, there is no way you can make an informed decision.

Due to this, this article reveals some major advantages and disadvantages of cannabidiol oil for dogs.


The following are some important benefits your pet stands to enjoy by using CBD oil…

1. May Reduce Anxiety

Almost every dog owner wants to always be with their pets and we are sure you are no exception. However, this is not obtainable as life will surely get you separated; and for hours sometimes.

At times like these, your pet may get separation anxiety and then exhibit some destructive behaviors. This is natural and you can’t blame your poor dog. You can read this article to learn how to train your dog to be alone. Luckily, you can help your dog overcome anxiety with CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is said to contain certain properties that can cause your dog to get calm and combat separation anxiety.

2. May Attack Cancer Cells

Cancer is one illness that affects a lot of dogs and unfortunately, your dog may be developing cancer right now. While this sickness is very dangerous to dogs, there is no known permanent cure yet. So, why not prevent cancer in your dog rather than later having it treated.

You can do this by giving your pet cannabidiol oil. This product is said to contain properties that may be capable to combat cancer cells and prevent their growth.

3. May Treat Skin Disorders and Seizures

A study conducted shows that CBD oil may be good for the treatment of some skin disorders and seizures. The oil is said to stop skin conditions and reduce irritation, this ultimately makes the dog’s skin a lot smoother. It has also been said that this product may treat yeast, bacteria, and also repair allergies.

4. Treats Pain and Improves Appetite

If your pet is suffering from appetite loss then you may try this product for it as it can significantly improve your pet’s appetite. Cannabidiol also contains some properties that make it capable of functioning as a painkiller. So, if your dog experiences pain from time to time, you can try this product for the pain.

Other benefits your dog may get from using CBD oil include…

  • It may ease inflammation.
  • It may reduce nausea.
  • It may boost the dog’s heart health


The following are some major disadvantages of cannabidiol oil for dogs…

1. It May Cause Your Pet to Get High

If you decide to give your dog CBD oil, then you have to be very careful about the amount you give it. This is because giving it too much at a time can make your dog overdosed and “high”. This may be due to some CBD oil products being full-spectrum.

Full-spectrum products usually contain cannabinoids other than cannabidiol. One cannabinoid it may contain is THC which is a compound that has psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol products are not allowed to have more than 0.3 percent of THC. Despite this, your pet can get high from this little percentage if it is given too much of the oil.

So, ensure you give your pet this product in just the right quantity. Unfortunately, no study confirms the right dosage of CBD to give dogs. However, some charts can help you ensure that you don’t overdose your pet with cannabidiol. Click for a dosage guide for cannabidiol oil for dogs based on the sickness. The quantity your dog takes will be based on its age and weight.

Note that the “high” state can last days or even weeks. In this period, your pet will be unable to stand or even eat. In certain cases, the overdose can lead to its death. So, you would have to be extra careful when using this product.

You also need to be careful when buying the product. Take time to read the product’s analysis and ensure the THC level is not above the approved 0.3 percent.

2. More Studies Still Has To Be Done

There isn’t much research or studies on the use of cannabidiol for dogs. Despite this, a lot of dog owners have used the product and have testified positively about it. However, more studies and researches need to be carried out.

3. May not be recommended by Some Vets

In some states, cannabidiol hasn’t been made legal, therefore vets in these states will not recommend it. Also, because there aren’t enough studies and research about the efficacy and risks of the product on dogs, some vets do not recommend its use.

We also recommend that you check in with your vet before you start using this product for your pet. However, if you come to conclude on using CBD for your pet then you should be certain of the quality. Visit Holistapet pet products page to find out how to get quality CBD oil for your pet. Also, ensure you read and fully understand the analysis of any product you choose to get for your dog.


This article has discussed several advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil for dogs. Understanding these pros and cons will help you decide if this product is okay for your pet.


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