How Technology Evolving the Dental Care Industry

For anyone who’s very serious about getting their teeth whitened, the laser teeth whitening technology revolutionizing the whole dental care industry and prove to be a real boon.

In fact, laser teeth whitening procedures are known to be the most effective as well as efficient means of whitening the teeth and it is also the quickest means to achieve your goals. The only downside to having a laser teeth whitening procedure performed on your teeth is the high costs involved that typically range from three hundred dollars to one thousand dollars.

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening Technology Works?

  1. Begins with Teeth Exposure

It does of course pay to first of all understand how different laser teeth whitening procedures work. To put it in a nutshell these laser teeth whitening procedures begin when a dentist starts by placing devices in your mouth to ensure that your teeth are properly exposed which will then make it easy to access all your teeth. Next, the dentist needs to apply Vaseline or some other product that must then be spread over the patient’s lips as well as gums. The end result of this application is that the mouth remains moist enough to ensure that the tissues within the mouth do not burn up.

  1. Dental Tray Filled with GEL

The next part of most common laser teeth whitening procedures require using a tray that has been filled with some gel that in turn contains hydrogen peroxide and this tray is then placed in the mouth thereby exposing the teeth to this gel. Sometimes, the dentist might paint the gel over the teeth though care must be taken to ensure that the gel does not come into contact with the gums. However, it is not always possible to prevent that from happening.

  1. Application of LASER Beams

The last act in every laser teeth whitening procedure is to apply some laser beams and typically the patient might need to have this laser beam application repeated twice or thrice. Once these applications are over the gel is wiped away and the device is removed and the mouth must be rinsed thorough so that no trace of the gel remains.

Insight of Laser Teeth Whitening Technology

When using the laser teeth whitening system use is made of a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel which contains about thirty-seven percent hydrogen peroxide and which has a pH of approximately seven. The diode laser which in turn provides very precise laser beams with emissions in the region of between 798 and 815nm that is in fact an infrared red range. The end result will get vastly improved and more efficient whitening.

Because laser diodes are part of the infrared range there is reason to worry on account of the lasers causing unnecessary heat. However, the truth of the fact is that while using these laser beams during the teeth whitening procedure there is less heating because the lasers are only applied to a few teeth at any given time – lasting not more than fifteen seconds at a go. In fact, the entire teeth whitening procedure that lasts for approximately twenty-five minutes means that each tooth is only exposed to the laser beams for between two and four minutes.

Choosing the Right Dentist Who Know this Technology

The first thing that you have to realize when it concerns allowing a laser teeth whitening dentist to perform laser teeth whitening procedures on your teeth is to ensure that the dentist is well qualified. This means that entrusting the task to an unqualified laser teeth whitening dentist will actually turn out to be a very bad idea – even if the fees that the dentist is charging is low. The simple truth is that there are many dentists that call themselves laser teeth whitening dentists but in fact they do not have the required qualifications or training. Trusting them would really foolish.


Following this kind of technological treatment for teeth whitening procedure the patient may also be required to use whitening toothpaste and trays that can in fact also be used at home.  In case the patient suffers from tooth sensitivity then they will need to abstain from consuming hot and/or cold foods for about twenty-four to forty-eight hours by which time the sensitivity will have vanished.

If you need to find a good laser teeth whitening dentist then you should visit The Smile Bar Manila. Through this site you will be able to explore relevant products and best teeth whitening Philippines treatment. No doubt that there are many methods to whiten your teeth, finding the best way to whiten your teeth based on your budget and your lifestyle is another matter.

If you want a convenient, easy-to-use and inexpensive way to whiten your teeth fast, then you might want to consider Laser Teeth whitening treatment.

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