Is it Possible to Create a New Game Without Offering an Online Multiplayer Platform?

The way that we play games is constantly changing. That is forcing developers to act differently and do all they can to keep on top of the latest trends. Gaming is now all about playing online against others, so is it possible to create a game without offering that?

Why is Online Gaming Taking Over?

The simple answer here is money. Whether it is having the game available for e-Sports tournaments or offering something that can be monetised through additional purchases, gaming money all revolves around online gaming.

When it comes to e-Sports, we now have another wave of money coming in and that is from bookmakers. The big e-Sports games and tournaments are all available for punters to bet on, so if you make a game in this genre you have the possibility of additional exposure thanks to that.

There are many people that bet on e-Sports and that offers a way for games to increase their popularity. If people are betting on these games and watching the professionals play them, they are more likely to buy the game themselves.

The best bookies listed at the bookies offers all accept e-Sports bets on the big tournaments, an ever increasingly popular way to combine gaming and betting for those interested.

In Game Additional Purchases

This is something we are seeing increase in popularity, and another reason why online gaming is coming to the fore. When you play online against other people, you are doing this to test yourself and try to be the best you can.

To do this, you may need to make additional purchases such as the card game inside Fifa 20 that is incredibly popular with players.

Those who are sat at home playing on a game by themselves are unlikely to make this type of purchase. However, online gamers are likely to buy things, in an attempt to make them better at what they are doing and beat more people.

Technology Allowing Online Gaming to Thrive

The need for online gaming could have been there all along. However, it is only in recent years when we have had technological advancements that allow true online gaming where it has flourished.

From the specs on our machines to internet speeds and the ability to communicate with fellow players, all of that has come together to produce an online platform that players can use.

We are seeing online gaming thrive and become the go-to method of playing for many people. Is this because the platform has finally arrived, and we have wanted to do it all along? Or because we have changed our ways and this is now what we want?

Whichever is the right answer, one thing is for sure, we all love online gaming and many of us prefer to play online against others than do anything else.

What Will the Future Look Like?

We’ve seen a transformation over the past couple of decades. We began with games that offered no online gaming, then moved onto games with a small online game that could be played.

Now we are at the stage where many games have a huge online section for us to play in, and this is clearly a big part of the game.

The logical next step would be to move to a position where games are for online play only, with no off line mode for players.

While we see some mass-multiplayer games out there offering this, these are an exception. However, in the not too distant future, don’t be surprised to see games like this become the norm.

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