The rise of the gaming universe. And its power in the 21st century

In 2018, for the first time, games became more profitable than the Hollywood industry and the music industry combined, bringing in $ 137 billion globally. Dominating pop culture, games went beyond mere entertainment and, in addition to being a profitable business, influenced the development of everyday applications and became a teaching tool in schools.

What is the universe of games?

The video game industry, or the gaming universe, is made up of three parts: the companies that manufacture the technologies that support games; the studios that develop the titles; and the community that consumes the games. A game can be played on several platforms. The technologies that support the games can be divided into three categories:

– Mobile: cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices
– Consoles: equipment manufactured specifically to support games. Currently, three companies are the main players in the console market: Sony, with the PlayStation; Microsoft, with the Xbox; and Nintendo, with the Switch.
– PCs: personal computers can also be used to play the most diverse types of games

A study by the consulting firm Limelight published in March 2019 showed that mobile platforms are the most popular among gamers, with cell phones being the preferred devices for gaming. The survey was based on an interview with 4,500 people from nine countries. The survey also targeted on sites in this list.

Islands are divided by generations. In 2019, they are in the eighth generation, with a ninth coming from 2020. The PlayStation 4 is the most popular console of the eighth generation, having sold 91.6 million units between November 2013 and December 2019.

Video games can be divided into genres, with proposals, atmospheres and individual mechanics. In 2019, market research firm TechNavio made a detailed study of the current state of the game market in the world, using data from developers, retailers, governments and publications that study games.

Research has shown that action games are the most popular among gamers, followed by sport games and battle royale style games, in which all players must be defeated, ensuring the victory of only one individual. Other popular genres and subgenres in the gaming world are:

– FPS: acronym for first person shooter, the first person shooter. In these games, the player assumes the role and the point of view of a character with weapons, behind an objective. The “Call of Duty” franchise fits the definition, putting players in a war environment. It is a subgenre of action games.
– Survival horror: in this genre, the player must survive the attacks of monsters, psychopaths and supernatural creatures, whether or not they can fight them. The “Resident Evil” franchise is part of this subgenre, bringing the player the challenge of surviving a world taken over by zombies.
– Rhythm games: in these titles, the player needs to demonstrate motor coordination to fulfill any challenge. The “Just Dance” franchise can be defined within this genre, challenging players to perform the choreography of several popular songs.
– RPG: acronym for role-playing game, or role-playing game. In this genre, which appears in board games, the player assumes the identity of a character, making decisions that influence the course of the story presented. The franchise “The Witcher” fits within the universe of RPGs.

It seems that the gaming universe does not stop here. It will grow rapidly along with the widespread use of virtual reality technology. Even in casino industry, the Japanese site takes on its role, thanks to the development of digital technology.


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