Be Funny Now! Opens the Curtain on Steam, Android, iOS May 17

Competitive party game created by Jacksfilms with more than five million fans SEATTLE – Apr. 28, 2022 – Be Funny Now!, the competitive party game created by YouTube star Jacksfilms and developed by Galvanic Games, sets the stage for comedic camaraderie on Tuesday, May 17 on Steam for PC, the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Be Funny Now! turns Jack Douglass’ (4.7m YouTube subscribers) long-running “Yesterday I Asked You” segments into an interactive 8-player game of absurd wit. Gather friends or play with strangers and answer over 600 written or sketch prompts, with more added regularly. Conjure forth the funniest string of words in response to absurd introductions to the questions given. Show that a picture is truly worth 1000 words, and draw the best, most humorous sketch based on the given art task. Stand proudly behind comedic gold as others in the game shower the funniest submissions with emojis and bouquets of roses. Unfunny answers will still bear fruit, as the audience can throw tomatoes at responses they dislike. The more beloved the response, the more points earned, and the joker with the most points earns the title of the winner — the ultimate comedy prize. Utilize unlockable emotes and cosmetics to customize a comedic avatar to complete the picture-perfect image of one’s most entertaining self. Spend coins earned from funny answers and winning games to look even funnier…whether in the haha way or in the “What is going on with that guy” way.
Be Funny Now! means being funny anytime, anywhere. Answer the daily word or image prompt, testing wits against the funniest people around the world, vote for others’ answers, gaining coins and more unlockables. Create private rooms to play with friends in cross-platform multiplayer games. Join public games either solo or with a party of friends and deliver some gut-busting laughs to strangers worldwide. “Be Funny Now! takes the fun me and my friends have with Yesterday I Asked You, and brings it to the world in a format you can play anywhere,” said Jack Douglass, the man behind Jacksfilms. “Well, maybe not literally anywhere. Please don’t play Be Funny Now! while driving a forklift.” Be Funny Now! launches on Tuesday, May 17 on Steam, Android, and iOS for free. For more information, visit Is Be Funny Now! Out Yet?, follow @Jacksfilms on Twitter and subscribe to Jacksfilmsjackisanerd, and the Jacksfilms Twitch.

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