5 Actually Beneficial Games to Play With Your Kid

“You have been called to sit on a couch. You can handle it” – reads one of the COVID-19-inspired viral memes. Well, whoever created it probably doesn’t have small kids.

Those who have them can’t afford such luxury – even during the quarantine. Parents, particularly those who are self-isolated in flats with their kids 24/7, have other things to do. 

Apart from remote work and housework, there’s still something inevitable for them: occupying the children. 

Surprise – children, particularly small ones, can’t simply sit on a couch. They need action! And parents with more kids than one can get desperate, especially if some of their offsprings have to study remotely. 

As for the studies, it’s important not to overdo it. If the whole family is on the limit, there’s nothing wrong about ordering essay writer help – or finding someone to help with the homework for your college student kid.

With other activities for little guys and gals, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a bunch of fun games that you can play with your kids to their and the whole family’s benefit. Choose what you like from the list below. 


There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like Lego. It’s fun to play with, and also very beneficial. It can help develop:

  • Fine motor skills; 
  • Logical thinking; 
  • Creativity; 
  • Math skills. 

For smaller kids, it’s better to prefer Lego Duplo or another constructor with larger parts. Otherwise, your child will struggle to build something and will lose interest in the game. 

If you take sets with recommended age higher than your kid’s, help him/her build the items. 

Memory Cards 

Memo cards, aka Match Match or Pairs, are perfect for training concentration and memory. For younger kids, start with smaller sets of cards (you can take some out from factory sets or print the required amount). 

The subject of the game is as simple as turning over pairs of matching cards – the challenge is to find the matches! This is a perfect “lazy” pastime that’s considered a board game but can be played on a sofa or right on the floor by as little as two participants. 


Remember traditional role-playing games like Mothers, Pirates, Hospital? They’re a gold mine for busy parents and for those with more kids than one. 

Role-playing develops imagination, creativity, and situation modeling. Plus, it can occupy the participants for at least half an hour. Give the kid(s) some ideas, and they will do the rest. 

Parents can also change the scenarios a little to make them suit their needs. Offer your child to play a waiter or a cook at a “restaurant,” for example. You’ll get at least some job done, spend time with your kid and teach him/her some cooking or table serving all at a time. 

Word & Alphabet Games 

There are loads of educational word and alphabet games for all ages online. But when you have some free time, it’s better to play offline. 

Most word games require just a pen and a piece of paper, and some require nothing but imagination. 

Such activities can help your child:

  • Enlarge vocabulary;
  • Develop writing skills; 
  • Understand the word’s meanings better;
  • Develop creativity. 

Be it a simple “Word chain,” a crossword, or the famous “Scrabble” – all word games are effective and fun to play. Add a wide variety of riddles here – and you’re packed with a perfect pastime for hours ahead! 

“The Copycat”

It’s ok to be relaxed during quarantine and play “lazy” games. But all people need physical activity and children even more than adults! 

They probably won’t get engaged in online fitness programs, and long walks are not available for many right now, so what can you do? 

Take some time to distract from intellectual tasks and play active indoor games that will help your kid spend extra energy and develop large motor skills. Our choice’s a popular activity is “The Copycat” that helps develop concentration and memory, too.

It’s easy to play: just show some actions or poses and let your child mimic them. You can start with simple ones like standing on one leg and continue with more complex ones. In this manner, you can even encourage your kid to repeat all the morning workout exercises! 

What’s Next

If you rotate these games and play them with variations, there’s a good chance you’ll occupy your kids for many days ahead. 

You can also try to remember some games from your childhood or invent new “custom” activities. Use your imagination, get involved, and you’ll spend time with your children to your own benefit!


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