Biohackers Assemble Making Buzz Everywhere as They Concluded The Largest Virtual Biohacking Conference of 2020

Welcome to the era of Biohackers! Scientifically what seemed impossible and believed to be a non-scientific phenomenon is now becoming a reality. This is because technology has become far more intrusive. Just a few decades ago, the very idea of being near-constantly tethered to a device may have been unpalatable but in 2020 we can hardly imagine living without a device that sends your activity to corporations which means you are contactable. And now, willingly integrating technology into a body and joining the global community of biohacking seems to be the next logical step.

One such conference that has still been the talk of the town is none other than the recent conference organized by Biohackers Assemble Team and graced by like-minded global thought leaders discussing different key topics spread over 4 different days (November 24th and 25th, 2020 and December 4th and Dec 5th, 2020) in different time zones. There were different sessions in which keynote speakers discussed interesting topics on Biohacking that could be of use in the times to come.

There were intensive discussions on psycho-emotional trauma, photo bio-modulation, lifestyle modification to working on bettering one’s mood disorder. Don’t you think, with so much of stress and lifestyle disorders around, we believe being a part of this discussion is important to improve one’s health and performance? And the takeaway for our attendees from this discussion by our key speakers: Kaspars Vendalis, Greg Potter, Sarah Turner seemed to be a self-improvement retreat for our virtual spectators.

The session on Nov. 25th and Nov. 26th, 2020, started off with Sarah Turner’s interesting product presentation on red light therapy to a panel discussion on superfood for superhuman, in which Greg Potter discussed the simple and delicious product makes by UK based company to improve health and performance and not just turning humans into superhumans.

On Dec. 4th and Dec. 5th, 2020.key topics like how to improve and achieve optimal breathing, singing and speaking for improving vocal performance to hormone optimization with the help of Sexponential medicine for improving sexual health and optimization were discussed by an anti-ageing and regenerative physician Amy Killen MD.

With deteriorating health, particularly brain health, occurring at a global level – an interesting panel discussion was graced by key speakers, Dr Scott Sherr (a board-certified internal medicine physician), Nathalie Niddam (a certified Holistic Nutritionist) Dasha Maximov (a former-management consultant in mergers and acquisitions turned health explorer), to discuss on Biohacking, Aging and The Brain. As part of this discussion, also key insights were shared by Dr. Sherr on an integrative approach to hyperbaric care to further advance HBOT’s ability to heal.

From all this, it can be observed that bettering health and being mindful should be a priority for people. You as the next biohacker in the making can push science forward and help in engaging with the traditional scientific sphere to help frame one’s ethical guidelines to represent the viewpoints and their scientific goals.

Reading all the above keynotes discussed as part of the conference, don’t you think you majorly missed being a part of this health exploration? Don’t worry, you can click here to relive the moments at Biohackers Assemble.

You can scientifically validate your hopes of discovery but before that why not start self-learning from listening to the key discussions by speakers at just dollar $49. Get access pass to all the content videos and self-learn the power of biohacking.

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