Simple OBS Streaming Tips For New Users

At a time when plenty of people from the younger generations are staying indoors, games have become one of the most important pastimes. Streaming OBS streaming live is a great way to socialize with the rest of the gaming community. The application has made streaming possible at extremely low costs. Here are some great tips to help new users make the best use of OBS streaming.

Updating the application

OBS Studio is an application that is evolving continuously with new features. The games, operating system on which the application is running as well as the graphic drivers are receiving constant updates. Updating OBS Studio ensures that that the latest features and fixes are always available. Regardless, it is always a good idea to check for updates as new features are always being made available.

Start with simple settings

Do not go overboard with overlays, and alerts, or invest in expensive mics and hardware for streaming. Start off with the built-in tools in your devices. Get used to the application before investing in tools that pros need.

Don’t worry about viewer count

Do not worry if nobody watches your first-ever stream. Keep talking like someone is watching, and eventually, you will get viewers. While ignoring chats might be a bad idea, overlooking viewer count certainly isn’t as you would be less anxious.

Here some ideas you can talk about.

  • The strategy you are currently using and how you plan to move forward.
  • Talk about the environment and how things are standing out from your perspective.
  • Your feelings about the game as you are playing.
  • The specific aspects of the game that you like.
  • Some things that you don’t like and how they can be improved.

Make careful streaming choices

Don’t stream something because it is popular. Stream what you are doing because you know you are passionate about it. It is easy to differentiate between the two types of streamers. Aiming for a bigger viewership is futile if you don’t do what you like. Also, the choice of the application you are streaming to also becomes important. If you are looking to reach out to the live audience on your Facebook page, Facebook Live would be the best choice. If content discovery is your priority, YouTube should be the preferred platform. If you are streaming to a smaller group of audience, perhaps a circle within an organization, MS Teams might be the best platform.

Don’t stream all games

You might want to save the joy of playing some games special to you for yourself. Streaming games eventually attracts eyeballs and subconsciously you might not like people to judge you. Games that are narrative and writing heavy are good candidates for playing during your time off. You will not get the same satisfaction of playing a game at your own speed while streaming.

Playing everything on stream will turn every game into work. There’s a risk that when you do that, you won’t feel satisfied when you play games on your own time.

Additional OBS Streaming Help

We hope these tips will help you get started with OBS live streaming. There are plenty of online resources to help you through your journey. One smart move to reduce the costs involved in getting started with OBS streaming particularly if you are using it for a trial is to use it as a Hosted Desktop as a Service solution like Azure WVD available at affordable WVD Pricing from a hosting service provider like Apps4Rent that provides 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email.

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