Bitcoin makes its mark on online gaming

Bitcoin has changed everything for the better. It has revolutionised the way we use and manage money, creating a significant impact on the current and future financial structure. Owing to the fact that Bitcoin is not controlled by a bank or government, it does not come as a surprise that it has such an influence on banking and finance. Banking is only the beginning. In case you did not know, cryptocurrencies are shaping the gaming industry. It has risen like the Phoenix bird from the ashes and it has great potential.

Micro transactions in online play

Micro transactions, or micro payments, take place within digital games and apps. You can purchase all kinds of virtual goods, which either improve the character or boost the playing experience. More and more online games have been adding in-game purchases. Players can buy, say, in-game cash with real money like Bitcoin. If you like to play Fortnite, you will appreciate the cosmetic items and features, which allows you to deploy new skins and play the game for longer periods of time.

The introduction of in-game payments was made after players complained on discussion websites such as Reddit that they could not solve their money problems. It is true that some game developers have gone a little bit too far as far as micro transactions are concerned, but they have not made it hard for non-paying players to earn in-game money.

Games are funded through cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin seems to be perfect for the gaming industry. Its singularity lies in the technology. Bitcoin is blockchain technology, which holds promise of growth for the industry. Innovations are advantageous for gaming operators, as well as players. Start-ups, in particular, have resorted to using cryptocurrencies as a way to fund their games’ development. Reality Gaming Group, for instance, used an Initial Coin Offering to secure the necessary funds to develop a mobile AR multiplayer shooter game.

You should follow in their footsteps. Think about trading Bitcoin. Since it is the number one cryptocurrency, it will not be hard to buy and sell Bitcoin when you want to. If you do not know how to capitalise on the cryptocurrency trend, visit this site: Keep in mind that what you are buying is worth more in the future.

Big industry names are saying yes to Bitcoin

Bitcoin means good for gamers. An ever-increasing number of companies are accepting cryptocurrency. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Zynga
  • Bitrefill
  • Joltfun
  • G2A
  • Play-Asia

The aforementioned industry players have no problem whatsoever with Bitcoin. Actually, they see hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly revenue. If more gaming companies say yes to cryptocurrency, there will be endless possibilities for Bitcoin in the future.

To sum up, Bitcoin is has a profound effect on the online gaming industry. People use their hard-earned Bitcoins to play, make in-app purchases, or get their desired results. Players have more control when it comes to gaming and their experiences. What is more, merchants and markets stand to benefit too.

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