4 Innovative Gaming Experiences You Must Try

Video games have been a much-loved pastime since they became mainstream during the 1980s. Yet, the advancement of various technologies has led to many unique, immersive experiences, which are making the industry bigger and better. If you want to up the gaming ante, here are four innovative experiences you must try at least once.

VR Escape Rooms

Virtual reality is making escape rooms more fun and immersive than ever before. Groups of varying sizes can put on a VR headset to become absorbed in an immersive escape room scenario, from ghost-busting adventures to free-roam zombie shooting experiences. If you haven’t tried this innovative gaming option yet, check out this VR Escape Room London concept that is unlike any other.

Drone Racing

Drone racing, also known as First Person View (FPV), allows players to take control of drones installed with cameras, and each will race to the finish line of a set course. Every player will adorn a head-mounted display with a live stream feed from the drone.

Contrary to popular belief, these drones aren’t slow-moving, as many can reach speeds of more than 50mph in the air and perform jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics. The headset goggles provide a first-person perspective via the drone camera’s radio waves, offering an immersive gaming experience that will get your heart racing.

Wearable Gaming

Wearable gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and the technology is expected to generate more than $76,421 million by 2032. Gone are the days when gaming was restricted to consoles, smartphones, and tablets, as wearable tech allows people to play games using watches and glasses, such as Apple Smartwatch or Google Glass. It is making gaming more portable, and there is no need to hold a device.

Augmented Reality Gaming

Incorporate the real world into a gaming experience with the help of augmented reality. Maneuver across rooms or public spaces while making a gaming object applicable to your surroundings. For instance, you could turn your kitchen countertop into a hockey table.

Pokémon Go brought augmented reality to the masses in 2016, as its animated characters blend seamlessly into your environment. For instance, you could find Pikachu in a park, Charmander in the middle of Times Square, or Bulbasaur at your local store.

The gaming experience has since grown from strength to strength. Some of the most popular augmented reality games to date include:

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  • Jurassic World Alive
  • Zombies, Run!
  • SpecTrek
  • Temple Treasure Hunt
  • Ingress Prime


If you are a passionate gamer, it is time to move away from your PC or console and embrace more immersive experiences. The above options will get your body moving, mind working, and heart pumping, which will ensure that you finish a game with a big smile on your face. So, absorb yourself in a virtual reality escape room, challenge your racing skills with a fast drone, or turn your surroundings into a cool game that is mentally stimulating and offers endless fun.

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