What are the Effective Digital Marketing Techniques Used by the iGaming Industry?

Digital marketers should always look to the most successful industries for inspiration and advice about what works in the modern internet landscape. The digital marketing sector itself is constantly evolving, with once successful methods known to quickly become outdated – anyone familiar with the iOS 14.5 update will understand this. Adapt and overcome is the name of the game, and the fastest moving industries like iGaming are the models to follow.

Why Marketers Should Look to iGaming for Inspiration

The iGaming sector is fiercely competitive and constantly growing. In 2021, revenue from online casinos surpassed $72 billion and that astonishing figure is ballooning every year. While the market may seem saturated, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to gain recognition. This is often done through innovation, as inventive advertisers seek new ways to reach players.

Marketers should look to the online casino sector for ideas as the industry tends to be ahead of the curve in many respects. Not only was it first to new technology like live streaming, but it also led the way with the introduction of sprawling online game libraries. This is a concept that has recently been copied by the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Online casinos have always been trailblazers when it comes to marketing as well, with new strategies being employed when old ones go stale.

Constantly Trying to Get an Edge on Competitors

In the early days of online gambling, the well-established sites were able to get the edge over their younger rivals by offering welcome bonuses to players. These came in the form of deposit match bonuses up to a certain amount. Soon, a vast number of sites were able to provide this incentive, so the amounts got higher, and players eventually came to see this kind of bonus as a given. At that point, online casino operators had to modify their marketing methods. They ended up introducing other bonuses such as no deposit free spins that could be used before players had to invest.

With online casinos often finding it difficult to advertise on social media, they have had to employ other digital marketing techniques to get their names out there. This has come in the form of placing adverts on related pages, such as gaming websites. It has also come in the form of sponsorship of well-known sports teams. Pop-up windows have tended to be successful as well, redirecting players to bonuses that they may not have discovered for themselves before.

Online Directories Dictate the Success of These Methods

The success of an online casino’s marketing methods and promotions can be gauged by whether it earns a place in an online directory that specialises in guiding players to the best sites. There are numerous aggregator sites on the internet now that help players find free spins no deposit codes, and these are judged by industry experts. They are ranked based on reviews, bonuses, and other aspects such as the diversity of payment methods.

Free spins have become the key marketing strategy of online casinos, as these are non-committal and players feel safe in the knowledge that they can walk away after using them if they wish to do so. This is, perhaps, the key message that marketers need to learn from online casinos. Consumers don’t want to feel forced into buying something after having the freebie. They want to have the power to decide for themselves.

Freebies are so Important in Digital Marketing

No matter how much the landscape of digital marketing changes, it appears that freebies will always be at the heart of winning customers over in an online setting. There has been a vast amount of research into the psychology of discounts and freebies, with some intriguing results.

Daniel Kahneman, the author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, has conducted research into how the brain commits logical fallacies on a regular basis. One example is how the brain reacts to the promise of something for free. People will go out of their way to claim a freebie or a discount if it’s positioned in the right way.

For example, if a marketer offers a £15 discount on a mobile phone from an initial cost of £30, people will flock to buy it because it seems like an amazing deal. However, if there was an advert for a laptop on sale at £1485 down from £1500, people are less likely to go out of their way to buy it. The deal doesn’t seem as amazing, despite the discount in price being the same.

Online casino marketers cleverly position their offers in the right way and can make players feel like they are too good to pass up. Any digital marketers out there that want to brush up on their methods should look to the biggest players in the iGaming industry for inspiration.

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