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For people seeking to move house, especially when creating a budget and figuring out whether they will be in a position to complete payment of their mortgage and still manage their comfortable life, the right property budget calculator could be of immense help. This is both great and not-so-great news. On the downside, the problem with budgeting during this pandemic has posed a challenge for many people, resulting in them throwing away their budgets and re-calibrating their property budgets due to illness, reduced hours at work, or loss of jobs. However, developing and maintaining a proper budget is a key requisite for every household.

Fortunately, plenty of digital resources exist to help you create a reliable property budget that you can rely on. And the budget calculator is among the best financial tools that individuals can employ to develop the working budget of their household. This article aims at providing insight on the use of a budget calculator to manage a household’s expenses.

Advantages of a Budget Calculator

  • Determine the amount you can spend on property. This will help you plan the expected expenses according to your income before you even consider mortgage approval procedures and house-hunting.
  • Swift and easy-to-use. It quickly makes you realize the amount required to afford the property you want.
  • Avoid frustrations when you apply for finances. By learning how much you can borrow, as well as the mortgage size that you can be allocated, you will prevent lots of disappointments when searching for property financing.

What is the Best Budget Calculator?

There is a wide array of budget calculators available in the market today, each differing from the other based on functionality, features and applicability. However, the most useful and reliable property calculator is It is suitable for property investors as it offers an online tool for property valuation. They also offer their customers with an independent view regarding the state of UK’s property market. You can use it to create a working property budget that suits you with just a few questions to answer form you. More so, you will also find great property deals that fit your budget.

So, How Do Budget Calculators Work?

That said, a budget calculator works in three distinctive steps namely:

  • Fill in information regarding your finances. Fill in the amount that you have available for your next home as down payment deposit. Enter the salary you’re currently earning, and where applicable, fill in the prevailing wages of your wife as well. The mortgage deposit could include help to buy a deposit, a cash deposit, or an estimation of the property valuation equity that is help in your property.
  • Fill in your personal details. You will be expected to fill in your email address so as to get your result records in your mailbox directly. However, your estimated budget based on your results will be displayed immediately on the result page. After entering your financial and personal details, the property budget calculator will determine the amount that you can borrow via a mortgage plan that is based on your current earnings versus expenditure.
  • Undertake the required steps to purchase your new home. Once you have gotten to this step, you can place an appointment with your preferred mortgage partners and decide on borrowing options that are suitable for you. Planning your mortgage options in advance helps you to avoid missing out on your dream home. You can go an extra mile and subscribe to current information regarding property deals in your area of preference.

What Formula Does a Budget Calculator Use?

First, find the sum of sale proceeds, savings, and your mortgage sum. Subsequently, deduct the arrangement fee, stamp duty, broker’s fee, surveyor cost, solicitor’s fee, finder’s fee, incidentals and refurbishment costs. What you get is the property budget. However, do not use a budget calculator as your financial advice tool, but rather use it for educational reasons. It is also important to consider other tools as well to determine if you’ll be able to meet the monthly property payments.


It is easier and faster to make decisions regarding property budget calls. However, if you’re married, or have a partner, consider having a sit-down and decide on the right property budget, and then stick to the budget. Use your budget calculator to decide on where resources will be saved. To achieve long-term financial success, developing and maintaining a proper property budget is vital. A good reliable property budget calculator significantly enhances the process, and helps you lay down the necessary steps to attain a financial future that is prosperous.

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