A Guide to Buying Oak Furniture

If your personal style revolves around mid-century and modern styles, there’s a chance that oak furniture already caught your attention. Interior design and fab furniture have always been the center of raves for fans of interior design. If you didn’t already know, oak is widely popular and high favored when it comes to producing beautifully crafted furniture. The best part of this is that it can be used in just about every form of furniture.

Oak is versatile and is widely used for creating beds, bookcases, stairs, and a ton of others. When compared to other woods, oak furniture will always stand up stronger than other types of wood. Even its grain, texture, and palette are desired since it fits nicely into the bulk of decorating aesthetics.

When cared for properly, well-made pieces will last for generations to come. So, if you’re planning to get the most out of your next purchase, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. Read on as we dive into some handy tips that you’ll need to keep close by while you’re purchasing your next piece of oak furniture.

Oak For Woodworking

Before we get started, it’s best to keep in mind that there’s a ton of oak existing on the markets and it’s found in abundance. Within the United States alone, oak is grown, harvested as needed, and crafted into some of the most beautiful pieces that you’ve seen. In other words, it can be thought of as the most abundant hardwood that is found in the US.

Hence, it should be noted that even if your pieces are made in another country, oak exists in either the white or the red variant. While the grains are similar to each other, the rays in the white variant are longer. However, when compared to each other, white oak is much stronger and more durable and even offers a lighter tinge for owners and it costs more

Not so long ago, both were widely used in different decorating tactics for homes and they were even used for different industrial purposes. Since they are naturally weatherproof, white oak is often used to build ships, and red oak is used to produce railroad ties, hardwood floors, and even wagon wheels.

Why Should You Buy Oak Furniture?

Oak is becoming more and more alarmingly popular since various furniture elements are popping up in just about every furniture store you turn to and they come at a reasonable enough price. As previously stated, they sport a beautiful grain and they’ve very durable. When people hear oak, they think long-lasting, and sturdier when compared to others. Especially if that comparison involves other hardwoods.

So, if your family life is very active and your furniture is already subject to a lot of wear, then oak is definitely the choice for you. Oak is a great selection since it will not fall victim to many damages easily. If you didn’t already know, oak comes in second to pine but oak stains better and can be coated in clear substances to show off its natural beauty.

If you think about the English and American styles, you’re sure to find tons of oak furniture everywhere you turn.

What To Look For

While some pieces of furniture are crafted from solid oak only, others include veneers that are glued onto cheaper woods. Solid oak and oak veneer is a decision that is based on personal preference as well as budget. However, it should be noted that the veneer is thin and thin pieces of oak are cut and fitted to suit. By doing so, the overall cost of the furniture is reduced and there’s nothing wrong with choosing this type as long as it is perfectly crafted.

If you’ve never thought about it, solid oak has been and always will be made to last for generations to come. They can also even passed down from one generation to another as a precious family heirloom. Before purchasing these pieces, it’s a good idea to look out for those that are very well made.

The joints between pieces should be secured tightly and there should be no gaps at all between them. If you’re purchasing new oak chairs or a table, there should be no indentations, and all surfaces should be properly leveled. Even though oak has a naturally brought feel, furniture should be smooth when touched.

If your furniture is coated or even stained, it should also be uniform and noticeable grains should pop through finishes with an appealing warm appearance.

Getting A Good Price

Just like other hardwood furniture, oak pieces are an investment. Hence, it’s a good idea to purchase a combination of used, veneer, and even solid pieces. Secondhand and antique shops usually sell these at good prices. However, they usually need a bit of repair before they can make an appearance in your home, if you’re not bothered, you can move them in and get to the repairs later.

Another great source is that of Amish artisans. They usually have an array of pieces that are made from solid oak. These can be purchased online and even at retail outlets. If you want to save some more, you can also purchase from a merchant that sells untreated furniture since it reduces the cost and you can stain them over a couple of weekends.

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