Popular games through the history

Slot machines have been an essential part of casinos. They are fun to play and do not require any special skill. Anybody can play and enjoy the slot. You can enjoy slotting in multiplayer and single player.

Slot games are available online as well as offline. Online slot games became a trend in 2000 and they still maintain the most played game in casinos as well as online space.The most successful and popular game in the history of slot are listed below

●    Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune was developed by IGT in 1996. It still ranks second in the most famous slot game of all time. Wheel of fortune found in many casinos around the world. The game has many variations then any other slot game. Most popular we love fortune is 3 versions which have colorful wheels on the top. You can bet a maximum of 3 coins in this version. It has a multiplayer version where every player gets its own screen and has a bonus round. They have big progressive jackpot involve in online version too

●    Megabucks

Megabucks is the most famous and classic game with progressive jackpot machine. It was developed in 1986 by IGT. Mega box health won the biggest slot jackpot in history. People came to win from 20 million dollar to 40 million dollars in jackpot prizes.

●    Liberty bell

Liberty bell was the first ever slot machine created and it worked on mechanical slots. It was undoubtedly the most exciting game ever played. It has coins den on the top with symbols like spades, heart, diamond, stars, liberty bells and horseshoe. Since modern machines came into existence operator bell and liberty bell have been removed from casinos but you can still find liberty bell in liberty bell Salon Nevada.

●    Mega fortune

Mega fortune as the name suggests it is one of the largest online slots that hit jackpots. It is based on yachts, luxury cars and champagne. In 2013 of finishment won 17.8 million euros in this game and created a world record. The average jackpot payout in mega fortune is 4 million euros.

●    Cleopatra

Most popular and crowded theme in the slot is the Egyptian theme. Cleopatra is classic. It was developed by IGT. It has ancient Egyptian music with symbols like pyramids, your porus and Cleopatra.

●    Mega moolah

Mega Moolah was created in 2006. It has a jungle theme with wild animals. This also has African Safari music. It also has a bonus wheel that randomly appears. It was a rival to the mega fortune big jackpot.

●    Lion’s share

Lion’s share got media attention in 2014 when a jackpot hadn’t been claimed in 20 years. Soon it became a buzzing game in Las Vegas. Finally a couple from New Hampshire won a 2.4 million dollar progressive jackpot.This game is played five times more than the average game on the casino floor.


Jackpot is the main theme that attracts more players to slot games. Some games like  mega fortune were known for the biggest jackpot, while other games like liberty bell remember as they were first. Cleopatra type games got popular because of visuals.

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