Which Countries around the World are the Most Privileged?

We are all living in a world of competition where nothing is stable. There was a time when being born with a silver spoon meant good luck and a huge variety of privileges. Today the personal economic status does not hold as much gravity anymore. A new study by ABCD Agency shows a very different statistical index.

Today, the most privileged individuals are the citizens of a few specific nations worldwide. The research for this study focussed on 44 nations worldwide and examined 19 important parameters. The final score was then categorized under four areas: Career Opportunity, Liberty and Life Satisfaction, Safety and Health, and Finance.

The most privileged nations from around the world

Based on the study conducted, the ten most privileged nations around the world in 2021 are:

  • With an aggregate of 78.31, The Netherlands is the 10th most privileged nation in the world. With an 80+ score in work opportunities, life satisfaction and safety and healthcare. Its poor financial standing at 43.47 is the result of its declined position.
  • At the 9th position with a score of 78.47, is the small European nation, Austria. Great healthcare and safety aside, the country has a very liberal and free thinking society.
  • Sweden is at number 8 with an 80.22 score. Despite a 38.64 financial index score, it has a very good healthcare system, great career scopes and a free society.
  • The massive continent of Australia stands at 7th position with an overall score of 80.50. With scores over 70 in every category, it is one of the most stable nations worldwide.
  • With a score of 80.52, Finland, yet another European nation, stands at 6th position on the global ranking of the most privileged nations.
  • Denmark has an aggregate of 84.91, thus ranking it as the 5th best nation to live in. Except for lower financial statistics, it has a very strong position in other categories with an 85+ score in every sector.
  • Luxembourg is the 4th most privileged nation for citizens and residents alike. Excellent public healthcare, education and transportation system along with the booming infrastructural development has raised the score of this tiny country to 89.31 as of July 2021.
  • With an 89.39 average score, Norway is the 3rd most privileged nation in the world. Great career opportunities, a very liberal lifestyle and relaxed healthcare system are the primary reasons for its spectacular performance.
  • Iceland stands at the 2nd position with an average of 91.49. Financial discrepancy aside, it is a very liberal and relaxed nation full of opportunities, and great healthcare benefits.
  • Switzerland is the world’s most privileged nation with a spectacular full on score of 100. Mind boggling as it may sound, this country has no deficit to speak of.

Methodology of data analysis

To get accurate score details of each nation, all the factors included in the study were calculated individually between the scales of 0 to 100. The final counts under each category were all added and the average of it all was noted.

The country with the highest average score was named the most privileged nation of the world. As per the deduction of 2021, Switzerland and its citizens are the luckiest or rather privileged ones.

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