Investment platform: reasons to build

There are very few investment platforms available for someone who wants to invest in the markets in the current world of savings and investment. Most of the apps or websites currently focus on investing. In contrast, the remaining others represent mobile banking apps and offer investing in the market as an extra feature in their app. 

Still, the people who want to invest in the market or stocks are growing day by day; therefore, developing an investment platform isn’t a wrong choice. Consequently, one must know how to create an investment platform and run it properly. 

However, if you are wondering how to create an investment platform, we recommend you to use the experience of proven market experts, like the article by Topflightapps mentioned above. This article will discuss all the essential steps that should be considered before developing an investment platform.  

Reasons to build an investing platform.

Diversity and the choice

Nowadays, many people across the globe are looking for different ways of investing their money. If you are thinking of developing an investing platform or fintech app, you can find the additional info here.

An investment platform is a good investment.

If you are investing in building an investment platform, then it’s evident that you get benefits out of it. Usually, many people consider these platforms as one place where they can combine all their investments under a single administration platform. Moreover, they will also receive consolidated reports (which means simplifying the tax reporting), regular updates, which will make sure that your users are satisfied with your investment platform.


When the whole trading business comes into the palms, the users can access the market online. This can be the best reason to build an investing platform as customers will make their accounts with ease, and they will buy and sell the shares without any problem. Better for the investing platform as well for the users. 

Good Services 

The more services you give, the more customers will get attracted, which will provide you with more profit. Services given online can get you more personal accounts as the users can avail those services and easily buy and sell their shares. So, it is a big reason to build these kinds of investing platforms as more services, more users, and more profit.

Essential features of the trading and investment platforms

There are certain features that customers want to have in their trading apps. There must be something special in your app that customers should be offered so that they will attract to your solution. These are some of the features you should keep in mind before developing a trading or investment platform. 


The first feature which the app or the website should have is to have a proper Authorization process. The simplest thing to do for this is to enable the bio authentication supported by your target’s mobile phones. There are many ways this authentication process can occur by enabling the face ID, Touch ID, etc., which are present in the smartphones. 

Plaid API integration

The other thing that is noted down in the onboarding process of the investment app is linking their bank account details in the profile. You can perform this operation by integrating this with plaid API. This tool is already very much in use nowadays for securely connecting bank accounts with these financial apps. 


Another essential feature that must be taken care of before making an investment app is trading. The focal point of any user’s investment is to buy and sell any stock or securities easily. The customers want to have a proper graph or candlestick charts to analyze the stock, know more about the company that is the profit or loss the company is making in recent times and try to analyze them properly. 

News and social feed

The investors who are coming to your app or website also want some social and economic news in your app so that they can know the relevant news regarding their stock choices. As an extra feature, you can also add a social feed with some good portfolios of the companies and various other experts’ opinions. This will ultimately help turn the trading app into a social investing app where people can know and read others’ opinions and make great choices for them. 


This article has discussed the investment platforms, and choosing the best platforms depends on your requirements. There are certain features that you must take care of before developing an investment platform. 

These platforms are very much essential these days, and they must be developed with a lot of care so that they can fulfill all the needs of the customers. So before developing any investment platform, you must check all the features mentioned above, which should be present in your app or websites.

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