How to make a payment from a wallet correctly and safely

You can replenish your wallet and send a transfer. To receive, use the “Receive” or “Send” function. Everything here is extremely simple and does not require much knowledge. For example, to send to an external address, you fill out a special form, and then click on “Send”.

How to import your paper wallet

If you have a paper wallet, you can easily connect it to the Electrum system. To do this, you need to do a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Wallet” menu;
  2. Select the section “Private keys” and then on “Import”.
  3. In a special window you need to enter the keys from a sheet of paper and then click on “Import”.

From this moment you can quite freely and quickly carry out payment transactions.

How can I make a wallet backup?

Bitcoin is a digital technology that allows us to reproduce in electronic payments the efficiency of payments with paper bills. Bitcoin payments are fast, cheap and without intermediaries. In addition, they can be made for anyone, anywhere in the world, with no minimum or maximum value

Backups must be used in all cases, and especially when there is a risk of losing access or the wallet itself. Thanks to this copy, you can always quickly restore seed, and with it access.

If access is lost before the backup was made, then you should not be upset, because Electrum itself stores all your data.

The backup is created as follows:

  1. Click on the “Seed” button located in the “Wallet” menu;
  2. Now enter the set password;
  3. Your backup is ready, and you can save it in any place convenient for you.

Ways to restore from backup

With a backup, you cannot be afraid that you will lose access to your wallet. And even after rearranging the operating system, you can go to the official electrum wallet website, download the installation file, and then, using the Seed phrase, get full access to your finances.

When recovering, you just need to copy 12 words, and then paste them into the appropriate field on the installation page.

What are the main advantages of Electrum BTC?

Against the background of more frequent blockchain-based wallet hacks, there is a need for reliable storage of BTC. Compared to the rest, the offer from Electrum looks very attractive.

For instance:

  1. All keys are generated only at the request of an authorized user;
  2. You don’t have to go to download Bitcoin blockchain;
  3. Can work regardless of the status of the Electrum server. It works even offline;
  4. For greater security, the wallet uses various functions, including two-factor authentication – 2FA.
  5. The user himself sets the password, and can also enter several addresses, use options with multi-signature;
  6. The installation file is easy, and the installation process is very fast and does not require special knowledge;
  7. You can always carry out an electrum wallet update, getting a new, more secure version;
  8. Using products from Electrum, you can work with Tor
  9. Allows you to save the history of operations, receive and send electronic money in full accordance with the prescribed
  10. User codes and addresses are easy to create;
  11. Easily combined with a large amount of hardware all known and popular
  12. Services, which include: TREZOR, Ledger Nano and KeepKey, while the balance can be synchronized;
  13. There is an Android version available on the Play Store.

To date, the Electrum wallet offer provides an opportunity to get a reliable tool for storing Bitcoin and litecoin.

How to replenish your wallet with bitcoins

So, you already have it. To do this, open the “Receive” tab.

  1. Send your BTC to your address received after registering the wallet;
  2. Make use of an especially created QR code.

To send, you will need to indicate the amount you want to send in the two lower fields. You can specify the duration of the request. Accordingly, the QR code will be changed for each operation, ensuring high reliability of the safety of personal information. So, use the bitcoin wallet using above steps and make easy for you to earn money. You can also use Facebook’s libra profit system for online trading.

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