Why Are Gaming Promoters Moving Away from Magento?

The gaming industry is growing at a breakneck pace and this is due in no small part to the sheer variety of promotions to be encountered throughout the digital world. However, it is not only the major manufacturers who are becoming involved in such a movement. Small and independent firms are likewise leveraging the opportunity to have their voice heard. Another reason for this undeniable paradigm shift involves the fact that some of the most well-known e-commerce providers are being supplicated by newer cloud-based services which are providing a greater degree of flexibility. Let’s take a look at what gaming promoters now desire. 


Modern Tools for Post-Modern Requirements 

The biggest challenge facing any business that is associated with digital promotions is the ability to reach as large of an audience as possible without sacrificing current levels of client engagement. In other words, how can they make their presence known while still speaking with fans and leaving feedback? This can be a tough hurdle to overcome, as traditional methods would often force an enterprise to sacrifice quality for quantity. 

The other main factor is that many e-commerce platforms that are intended to be used within a promotional environment are simply not equipped to handle high-demand tasks. This is actually quite different when compared to the retail world. Normally, the sale of a good or service is rather predictable. The same cannot be said when a new game or iteration is about to be released. The chances are high that the website will experience a massive influx of visitors within a short period of time. This is to say nothing about possessing the ability to embrace modern techniques such as cross-channel marketing. 

While legacy platforms such as Magento are still being used, it is important to note that we are now beginning to witness many firms migrating from Magento to other systems. Why is this the case? 

More Than a Name Alone 

Traditional e-commerce platforms have relied heavily upon their name and their overall brand presence. This is no longer enough. They need to be able to embrace a user-friendly edge if they hope to be able to cater to the needs of modern promotional firms. Unfortunately, most fall well short of the mark. This is when platforms such as Shopify Plus will pick up the proverbial slack. 

Shopify brings the best of all digital worlds together within a single package that is both agile and “smart”. Not only will it prove invaluable when addressing everyday promotional requirements, but it also offers additional tools such as numerous payment gateways, live inventory tracking and more than 20 individual sales channels. 

Such amenities are ideally suited for the fast-paced world of game promotions. This is the very same reason why we are likely to see a migration away from traditional systems in favour of more streamlined methods. Of course, only time will tell how the gaming sector progresses in the coming year. There is still no doubt that the future looks incredibly bright.

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