How Online Casinos Have Improved Over The Years

Online casinos have been around since the early 90s and since then, they have come a long way. As technology has advanced and the popularity of these sites has grown, it is clear that a lot of improvements have been made. To help you understand these improvements, we are going to discuss them below in this article.

Multiplayer Games

When casinos first started appearing online, most of the games were single player. This meant that people playing slot games or a round of poker were doing so against a computer program. As time has gone on, multiplayer games and the software that is needed for them have found their way to online casinos and so more sites are taking advantage of this. Now, players can enjoy playing roulette or poker with their friends or even complete strangers online. This makes the whole experience more life like and you can be sure that the game is fair if you are not simply playing against a computer program.

Mobile Technology

Another important advancement in technology which affected the online casino industry is mobile technology. When sites first started making themselves compatible with mobile devices, people were very excited and now it seems like the norm for sites to be mobile friendly. Not only do you get to play your favourite online casino games on your mobile phone, but you can also enjoy them using an Android and iOS app. This makes the online casinos a lot more accessible in today’s society as many people have mobile devices but fewer people have a desktop computer. It is safe to say that the improvement of mobile technology has done a lot for the popularity of online casinos.

Payment Methods

Throughout the years, the payment methods that players have been able to use to make deposits on online casinos have increased a lot. People who might have been sceptic about entering their bank details can now use online wallets like PayPal or Skrill to deposit their money. This makes the whole system seem a lot more secure and players are more likely to make a deposit if they are using a payment method that they trust. It is expected that more deposit methods are going to continue to be added so make sure to keep track of some of the best and most reliable ones that can be used now.


When visiting a pub or a real life casino, you will find the usual traditional slot machines. This includes the classic fruit machine that many people have been playing all of their lives. Over time, the slot machine has developed, and online casinos have adapted to video technology and have introduced video slots. These slot games come in a huge variety of different themes, making it seem like there might be a game for almost every single type of person. You’ll now find everything from movie themed games to game shows and historic Viking themes on the best online casinos like Stakers. Each of these themed games come with some amazing graphics and they have completely transformed how slot games are perceived. Themes have made a big difference in online casinos and so this is definitely one of the ways that they have improved over the years.


Over the years, online casinos have changed the meaning of bonuses from some money that you could use to try out a game to something completely different. Now, bonuses come in many different forms with some working as way to attract you to sign up to the site, while others are for loyal players or for referring a friend. Welcome bonuses are amongst the most popular for online casinos nowadays as they battle to get players to sign up to their sites. Initially, casinos were offering players money back for making their first deposit on the site and maybe some free spins to get them started. Now, some casinos offer a no deposit bonus which lets players start playing for real money without even having to make any sort of deposit. As time goes on, the bonuses are becoming more extravagant and so it is unknown what online casinos are going to be offering next.

Live Casino Games

The final way that online casinos have improved throughout the years is through the introduction of live casino software and the games that come along with it. One of the main reasons why many people would have avoided signing up to an online casino is because of the lack of human interaction. They wanted to feel like they were at their favourite casino and the computer poker games were just not cutting it. Now, players can take advantage of the software that allow games like live roulette and live blackjack. These games normally consist of someone live streaming from a real casino with a table in front of them. Online players can interact and place their bets on this real life game. This is something which THE online casino Stakers have done to heighten the experience they provide to its users. They now provide over 100 live casino tables which have multiple versions to provide something for everyone. This provides a lot more excitement for loyal casino players and it is definitely one of the reasons why these sites are becoming more popular as time goes on.

What Next?

As you can see, online casinos have improved quite a lot since they were first introduced. There are a lot more games available and more people are willing to sign up because of the fun that they know that they can have on these sites. As we look into the future, it is unclear how online casinos are going to improve even more but some guesses can be made. One of the things that people predict will start appearing more on online casinos is virtual reality and the technology behind it. It is safe to say that players would enjoy feeling as though they are in a real casino when they can use virtual reality to play. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest online casino trends and see how this industry is constantly improving.


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