The 5 Most Popular Online Casino Games

Nowadays, gamers can enjoy the excitement of visiting traditional casinos without leaving their home, and they can take casinos on the move with smartphone based games as well. However, the online gaming world is massive, with thousands of online games to try. Some mix enjoyment and reliable winnings, but others fail on both counts. So it’s important to pick games which are fun and lucrative at the same time. Here are our tips for the five most popular online casino games, which never let gamers down.

1. Online Blackjack – Hit 21 to Win Big

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games, and one of the simplest as well. Basically, players make an initial bet, then are dealt two cards face-up to begin with, except for the dealer who receives a face-up and face-down card. The aim of the game is to reach 21 points, with aces counting for 1 or 11 and picture cards counting 10. Players then choose to “stick” or “twist” depending on how their hand measures up. It’s a game that has transferred really well to online casinos, with most UK operators including a version, and with its unpredictable gameplay, it always draws a big crowd.

2. Baccarat – Find the Way to 9

Baccarat is another card game that has made a great transition to online play. In this game, players need to reach a hand with the value of 9 (or as close as possible). Two cards are dealt, with only single digit cards counting (along with aces which count for 1). If your total is greater than 10, then you add them together and take off the “1”, and the total closest to 9 wins. But there’s another side to baccarat which makes it more complex: players can bet on the player (“Punta”), the bank (“Banco”) or a tie before the hand is dealt. Ties pay out the most, with good reason because they are extremely rare, while betting on the player or bank is much more likely to win your stake back. Overall, it’s a game that’s easy to master and simple – making it ideal for online play.

3. Craps – Let the Dice do the Talking

Craps is one of those classic casino games that always offers plenty of excitement. This time around, the action is based around a pair of dice. The dealer rolls once. If the score is 7 or 11, the players win, but if it comes out 2, 3 or 12, the house wins. However, if anything else comes up, the game gets interesting. Now, you can choose to place an “odds” bet on that number. The dealer continues to roll and, if the number appears again before another 7, anyone with the odds bet wins. Alternatively, you can bet against the “pass line”, in which case you’ll win when a 7 is rolled first. Either way, online craps is fun, fast-moving and unpredictable.

4. Poker – A Cult Classic for Online Gamers

Everyone knows about online poker games, which were some of the first to appear on online casinos. These days, gamers can choose a dizzying variety of poker variations, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud and Draw, Omaha Hi, Courchevel and Badugi – which is a bit like anti-poker, where the aim is to get the lowest possible hand. It’s still a great game to get into, with thriving communities of players, and plenty of opportunities to win.

5. Roulette – Win Big on the Wheel of Fortune

However, there’s no doubting that roulette is the king of casino games. When playing roulette, you have to guess which compartment a ball will fall into on a wheel which features 38 black and red numbers. Bets are placed on a roulette board, where you can wager on specific numbers or groups of numbers, depending on how much risk you’d like to take on. And that’s where the skill comes in. By managing your bets well, you can keep winning regularly over long periods, but by making mistakes, you can lose it all in an instant.

Online gambling has come of age, and there are plenty of ways to find out more if you are new to the gaming world. Click here to learn everything about online roulette, and start winning big the next time you pay a visit to your favourite online casino.

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