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What people have said about Bullies Reunited...

"...What a sound idea."
(Dave McIntosh, aka Stabber)

"Those were the days"
Gripper Stebson

"I found the advice on chinese burns particularly useful!"
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Bullies Reunited is a site for those of us who spent our schooldays tormenting, ridiculing and psychologically disturbing other children who were smaller, weirder, younger, poorer - or, indeed, richer than ourselves. Kids who wore glasses. Kids who walked a bit funny. Kids who needed go to the toilet too often. More...

Following the success of Friends Reunited the team at Seethru can now bring you a prestige and innovative "Locate Your Victim" service. Or to put it into schoolyard parlance, you can check out those snivelling little gits who was scared of ya and mebe they is still scared of ya?

Check out brand new remeniscenses from bullies that YOU might remember!
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Beacon Walk Secondary Modern School, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire

List of Victims

1951 to 1955 1 pupil listed        
1966 to 1970 3 pupil listed        
1971 to 1975 25 pupil listed        
1976 to 1980 45 pupil listed        
1981 to 1985 53 pupil listed        
1986 Simon Ball (Bally)    
1986 Alison Cuck (Alison Fuck)    
1986 Jeremy Clark    
1986 Adrian Carter  
1986 Jezebel Davros  
1986 Wendy De'Ath (Deathy)  
1986 Georgina Divine        
1986 Sharon Felner    
1986 David Gay (Gaylord)    
1986 Ricky King (Kingy)    
1986 Hufton Mendlebury (Poshy)    
1986 Richard Popplesworth (Greaseball)    
1986 Dave Richardson        
1986 Linda Reece        
1986 Billy Snelly (Fatso)    
1987 to 1992 62 pupils listed        
1993 to 1998 27 pupils listed        
1999 to ? 28 pupils listed        

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Lurk menacingly around the above people who hoped they'd never see you again:
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written by Rhodri Marsden & David McCandless

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